About Nu Planet
Nu Planet is a social network for people who want to be empowered, discuss relevant issues, make powerful contacts and build solid connections that are useful in the real world.

About Our Company

We are Black Twitter. We believe in black people supporting black commerce. We also believe in the money potential. When Black people support Black people, wonderful things happen. Magic happens. We empower the black dollar by making sure that black commerce on our website gets paid attention to by black people most interested in the merchandise, information and services offered. This is how Nubian people empower each other and keep our dollars in our own hands. If this is repeated enough on our website, then we will open up black ecommerce and create more black wealth than ever! Participate today and we will make the endeavor worth your while!

What Black Twitter Is About

The purpose of Black Twitter is to bring together black people, first and foremost. We are the most legitimate Black Social Network online. We are a content driven website because we feel that the primary purpose of a legitimate Black Social Network should be to inform, congregate and network. Networking together exclusively provides us deeper insight to understanding each other. We don't worry about sugar coating anything which is why we provide private movement groups where we speak our minds. Its almost impossible to do that on white media because our friends on these other media networks are diverse and many of us don't want to offend anyone. Our Nubian network provides the opportunity for us to truly talk about issues that affect us without the worry of what others might think or how they may respond. For more intense discussion, we also have available private groups so that our conversations aren't scrutinized by the public. This is the platform we need to truly be great. There are hardly any black relevant websites online other than sights that make black people look bad. Black Twitter will only publish content that uplifts Nubian people. If something bad or unfavorable needs to be said about Nubian people, such expression will only be allowed in private groups. Somethings said are simply not for the scrutiny of the public, no matter how legitimate the point is that is being made. The advantages of Black people networking with each other gives us a considerable advantage. This opens up our game changer, which is our ecommerce platform. This will allow us the opportunity to sell to and buy from each other. The idea is simplistic. We can empower each other in one of the most important ways which is economically. By selling products to each other at reasonable prices, we keep wealth longer every time a single sale is made, keeping some of our trillion dollar wealth in black people's hands longer. The longer we keep our dollars, the wealthier we become as a people. It's one of the basic concepts all of our black movements and struggles lack, which is anything to do with keeping money in our hands. The idea gets thrown around and the need is constantly bought up but never any action to ensure that we empower each other through finances. We believe that every Nubian person has a skill, talent or a product that they can sell and legitimately make money off of - just no platforms. This platform is created to strictly empower Nubian people and keep our wealth circulating among each other.

What Can We Sell And Buy?

Black Twitter allows us to sell digital downloadable products such as music, books and documents. But we don't stop there. We also allow our members to sell services, which there is an abundant need for online. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Black Twitter aims to be the final destination for all black owned businesses to sell black owned products online, cutting out the middle men. This means that you keep more of your profits and make bigger earnings. This is how we believe that we will truly empower each other. Our aim is to increase black wealth and that's exactly what our software and platform enables us to do. Create real money making opportunities for all Nubian people. And our target is not one geographical location either. We want to create opportunities for Nubian people everywhere, including the USA, Africa, Jamaica, Mexico, Brazil, Haiti and anywhere on the planet that there exists Nubian people, which is essentially everywhere! Once our money starts flowing among ourselves, we will create opportunities and wealth for other that would be nonexistent without our platform.

Black Social Networking

Black social networking is a beautiful and positive thing. Becoming more involved in Black owned social media is one step, but creating wealth for each other should always be the end game. We love bringing Black people together. We love sharing content about history. We love making points about how we are affected through supremacy and being oppressed. But being oppressed is a state of mind. When the tools necessary for advancement are used, that's when true movement begins. That's when the formerly oppressed people are heard and vindicated. All this happens once our pockets are fatter. Other nations of people have figured this out. Black people have made everyone else from every other race rich for the past hundreds of years, which is virtual slavery. We believe its time to make each other rich now. We believe we are in the birth of black social networking and more websites will copy our format and we will provide a rich Nubian experience for all of our Nubian brothers and sisters.
How Do I Get Paid?
The process is simple. The current gateway we will be using is Paypal. As awareness and popularity builds up, we may add other gateways so we can accept other forms of payment more quickly, but we believe Paypal is the most adequate and most simplistic and popular gateway to use for now. At least, until we have Blackpay. You simply sign up and become a vendor with Black Twitter and you can start selling your products or services or both. We promote your products for free on our website, so we believe that adds extra incentive for our family, which is you - our users. A real revolution starts in your wallet. So let's start a revolution!