Woman Embarrassed in Public For Wearing A Mini Skirt

Just a girl somewhere in Africa wearing a mini skirt and attracts the attention of an older African woman.


Just a girl somewhere in Africa wearing a mini skirt and attracts the attention of an older African woman. She scolds her for wearing the skirt and explains that mini skirts are like pornography and questions what the world has come to. Was the older lady correct to scold the younger woman about wearing a mini skirt or was she making a big deal about something that was not as serious as she makes it? In other countries, people seem to be more reserved and not as daring as the American culture. Is there anything wrong with wearing sexy clothes?


The African woman has a very nice shape in the video and wants to wear a skirt and be a lady of today. The woman arguing with her is an older lady who is advising her and educating her that wearing a skirt is very improper and there is no need to show that much skin.

The question that the video asks, is wearing skirts too much. I for one think that skirts look sexy on women and didn't see anything inappropriate about the skirt she was wearing. The truth is, sometimes fashion goes too far, and in western civilization, the clothing and fashion choices for the younger generation has gotten out of control and women these days dress more sexier than they have ever dressed before.

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The question we are confronted with, "is this a problem?" At the end of the video the little girl realizes the era of her ways and decides that the older lady is right, but in the western civilization especially, would she have been right? Women are often pictured in bathing suits and half naked to sell just about everything. Men can easily see boobs just by opening up the morning paper. Clothing lines and fashion industries to bubble gum has found throughout the years that sex sells their products better than any other form of advertisement.


So, is it okay for women to wear tight and short skirts and can a woman still be a woman if she chooses to wear tight mini skirts, or will she forever be judged and labeled as a bad woman?