The Capital Innsurection: How America's Lies to Itself have Crumbled, and Many are Feeling the Pressure

This article discusses the characteristics that caused the capital insurrection


After the Insurrection and breach of the capitol building yesterday, many are asking why America has fallen as a moral leader in the world. The truth is, we were never that moral in the first place. As Americans, we ignore problems and pretend they do not exist until they blow up.

The groups that penetrated the capital yesterday and had pipe bombs have been around the fringes of society forever. They are likely descendants of the confederates who betrayed the government during the civil war. At a minimum, they share similar philosophies and terrorist tactics.

An accurate judgment of morality in any society is how society treats the least of them. In other words, the poor, the average person, those with low positions set the tone for morality in this nation. Anyone can treat their cohort fairly, but those who are not like you is another story. Blacks, Native Americans, and other groups have been treated poorly in society? Yet, their problems have been ignored, and they never resulted in storming a federal building.

That tells the story of morality in this country. It’s the empowerment and entitlement of a group with a disagreement that decided to overturn an election. In some cases, sympathetic officers looked like they invited protesters inside. This shows our morality. Why did this happen yesterday? I highlighted some reasons below.

An Imaginary Problem

In a country where groups have real problems. African Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, Women, and other groups have real issues in society but have never stormed the capital to overthrow an election result. The fact is, this is an imaginary problem. Widespread election fraud never happened, and there is no evidence. It seems that some of the most privileged in our society are also the biggest complainers about problems that did not occur. Subsequently, they are also the most entitled. However, people using conspiracy theories as to the core of their beliefs is one thing; catering to imaginary problems is just as problematic.

Many politicians have catered to the concerns when there is no evidence. Trump has not presented any evidence, and it has been addressed in multiple court sessions. People must realize this is not Americans with different opinions, but a disease of the mind that can rip this country apart. Make no mistake; these people are entitled to believe they can raid a government building with no consequences. However, it is easy when police do not put up much resistance and even take selfies with insurrectionists.

Police Bias and Sympathizers

Watching yesterday’s events unfold, I could not help but notice the stark contrast between how Trump terrorists were treat versus Black Lives Matter Protesters. BLM protesters were tear-gassed, beaten, arrested, and shot with rubber bullets. Blacks often complain about their uneven treatment, and it has been ignored for years. However, in their history of protest, which has bought out stragglers and looters not associated with the protest, they have never gone to this level.

Invading a federal building where congress is in session is a serious problem. This was a coup, and the police did not treat it as such. In the aftermath, the video has surfaced of police being friendly with protesters.

Also, there was only 68 arrest (how is that possible). There were 200 arrested for the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. Although some brave officers did their job, it is clear that there are police sympathizers who did not treat the insurrectionist appropriately. Police reform is necessary, and police purge who do not live up to the standard is a must. Maybe someone will take it seriously now.

If history repeats itself, many officers will get off easy, and someone will make a meaningless speech about how great they are. This type of thing has happened for decades, and it’s a joke. Time for real police change means holding officers to a higher standard, not a lower one.

Political Selfishness

The coup that took place yesterday results from years of pandering to this group and bowing to President Trump’s nonsense. Numerous Republicans have been Trump enablers and allowed him to break every tradition and maybe a few laws without saying a word and in some cases praising him. Senators lied and supported lies with the hopes of gaining Donald Trump supporters into the fray.

When you’re elected to support the people, you should do what is right above political motivations. Many people hate politics and distrust politicians because they know Politicians often do what is good for their campaign instead of what is good for their people. This event was years in the making.

White Priveledge

When I look at the capital events, I wondered why someone would raid a federal building and stream it online for everyone to see. It has to be a federal crime, doesn’t it? The reason is that the consequences are not real. If you face the truth, our system slams minorities and poor people with long sentences and strong consequences when they do wrong. However, the rich and white receive lesser sentences for the same offenses. This is reflected in criminal justice research.

It is also reflected by the fact that only 68 terrorists were arrested yesterday. The police threatened a 6 pm curfew that was minimally enforced. The consequences are not real because this is a group that is accustomed to none. BLM protesters march, knowing they may be beaten, shot, and arrested.

The consequences are real to BLM protesters, and so is the problem. This unbalanced approach to criminal justice contributed to the coup yesterday. It was precipitated by the occupation of the Michigan State Building. There were a few consequences. The system has to be more balance in issuing consequences if they expect to keep order. We will see what consequences are implemented.

Where do we go from here?

Our political leaders must have some difficult discussions and honest reflection. There should be real consequences for those who stoked the flames of this insurrection. Participants should be arrested and charged as terrorists.

Officers who refused to do their jobs and sympathized should be charged and banned from law enforcement work, and senators who tried to overturn the elections and fanned the flames should be unseated. I doubt anything will happen until it actually happens. That is the country we live in, and we must be honest about it if we want to change.

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