Trump Doesn't Care About His Followers - He Sold All Of Them Out

After getting an extremist right-wing group of white supremacists riled up and ready to march and start a civil war, Trump changed his tune fast and condemned the savages to save his own orange skin!

Five human beings are dead because a single megalomaniac couldn't face the truth. Five people with lives that included people that loved and cherished them.
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There was never any great steal, there was only a loss, a rejection of his leadership by a majority of the voters. The megalomaniac couldn't accept the loss with grace and dignity. He had to resort to a scorched earth policy and now five people who would have been spending another weekend with their families are instead laying on a slab in a morgue.
That's bad, but it's worse than that. The megalomaniac told his people he was marching to the capital with them. He didn't go with them, instead, he and his family watched the show on television. That's what megalomaniacs do. After the carnage on Wednesday, the Megalomaniac is still egging on his sycophantic followers. Blood has been spilled and before this is over more blood will flow. All because a two-bit Megalomaniac is consumed by envy and hate.
Nobody can predict what the body count from this madness will eventually be but even one more is one too many. This should never have happened. This should have been nipped in the bud in the very beginning. God knows there's plenty of blame to go around. In the beginning, mainstream media ignored the truth of who and what Trump the Megalomaniac is. They knew the truth and could have put a stop to it but he drove advertising revenue and the almighty dollar rules the day.
The banks knew that Trump was lying about what he was worth and what kind of businessman he really was. They stayed silent. The politicians knew and for their own selfish political interest, they let it go. There's more than enough blame to go around.
Five people are laying on slabs this evening because people who should have been prepared for the worse didn't bother to prepare at all. Nipping this in the bud might have made this a far shorter fight. Too late for that now. The die is cast.
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The 74,000,000 million Trump sycophants are bound together by their hate and racial grievance. The 81,000,000 other Americans have no such connections. They're going to have to make some of their to have any hope of putting the genie back in the bottle. I would like to suggest that they begin by examining their views on race and make a commitment. The commitment is a simple one. They no longer see or refer to their fellow Americans by some ethnic descriptor. They are just Americans.
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People don't have to give up their ethnic heritage. It just as to stop being the reason we use for deciding how many opportunities they should have. I know you can do it if you want to. I know those 74,000,000 other Americans will die before they acknowledge that their sense of grievance is rooted in the social construct of race. I am a black person who happens to believe in humanism. We either learn to live together or we embark on mutual destruction.
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