Beautiful Black Women Too Unapproachable

Stop justifying your hurt onto innocent black women who had nothing to do with your pain, your bad choices of women you chose. You have not lived until you have loved. Sisters and brothers let's stop bashing each other. Stop this vicious abuse toward each other.



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One thing I have realized is that education makes guys better but makes women worse. Truth be told if any of us love God first. We will love ourselves enough to know we are better than this my brothers and Sisters. We need to come together and stop this pettiness. And most brothers and sisters who speak against their own people, usually have self-hatred for whatever bad experience or encounter they may have experienced in their past is because they have never healed and remained traumatized. They then lash out at what reminds them of who they are and project that toxicity onto others. You have not lived until you have loved. Sisters and brothers let's stop bashing each other. Stop this vicious abuse toward each other.

To you wounded brothers that hate the womb from which you were birthed. Stop justifying your hurt onto innocent black women who had nothing to do with your pain, your bad choices of women you chose. Now if you choose to date outside of your race fine no problem; your choice. But keep in mind those other races you choose will always be loyal to their race over you. While you are busy tearing your beautiful black women down they are building each other up. Most sisters are too strong for weak men anyway. It takes a secure strong black man to navigate his household and to love n adore his Queen.

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Not every black man qualifies for the black women the chose the weakest link so they don't have to put in the quality work it takes to build that strong foundation. And to all, you damaged brothers who hate beautiful black women. I sincerely apologize to you for being so spiritual, beautiful, strong, intimidating, loyal, forgiving, nurturing, resourceful, and ambitious. But most of all I apologize for all of the black women who have hurt you. I apologize you didn't get the true experience with a black woman who is an Unlimited Edition.

To my sister's stop tearing my brothers down because this is the end result of what we deal with due to our lack of sensitivity. Appreciate your black Kings. To all of my strong King and Queens let's do better. Please can we all just get along? I love my people may God bless and keep you all. Please stop bashing each other. Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. My people perish for lack of knowledge.

Why am I saying this? An educated woman knows how to help her man with chores in the house n respects her but an educated woman will think she is too big for the kitchen will wanna control her man around. Relationships aren't difficult, people are. A relationship is what you make it. Notice the word itself. In the relationship, you go up and down. But you choose which way you want to ride the wave, meaning you can make it a pleasant experience or a difficult experience. Even in a relationship God still allows us to choose.

I bet u that after u get your Ph.D. u will not cook for your husband n that's why we choose to ignore women who are over-ambitious because they add little to their home because of pride. We will see sisters say they are very complex individuals who will require a unique type of man to handle all of their unique ways you know finesse it.

But why must one feel the necessity to say I must make a relationship complex? Why must one say I prefer a hostile environment or not want peace and tranquility within my home? Why must one walk a type of rope and say I must waiver between acting like I show my man I love him and argue to the point where I create cracks in our foundation only because I just don't want this relationship to be totally peaceful? And God forbid it leads to him getting upset because then I'm going to say "you are violent you are a threat to me now" where is one logic for any of this?

Why not just ask for peace within your home? God doesn't mind giving that to you if that's what you choose to ask but my sisters require so much more as you see I don't get I honestly don't maybe I won't suppose to but at the same time I suppose to be weak and turning my back on my beautiful black sisters if I say I don't have to and can seek peace and tranquility from a different race of women I do know that.

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I wasn’t talking about me specifically because I have someone, but I’m in a female book club and this is always the source of our discussions. Please stop looking for all black women to have an attitude. What I simply meant in my statement is Back women were born to be strong with lots of endurance. Go back to your black history.

Learn the truth about the black woman. It appears to me you feel the way you feel about black women. You have it out for the black women for some reason. You don't know every black woman.,you can't speak negatively about all black women. If you don't mind me asking, How was your relationship with your mom? And a past relationship with black women in your past?

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What many "intelligent" people want to do with their lives is shine on other Black folk, and be comfortable and privileged within White Supremacy. I've heard all of this before any time you mention a sister and her attitude for no reason thought process you hear various excuses the most common one the one where sisters say oh this is the special grand prize woman is the woman that you described and you said if I can remember "IT TAKES A SPECIAL KIND OF BLACK MAN TO HANDLE A BLACK WOMAN" you went on to say "the ones that can't handle her strength her attitude all that is her just don't meet the stature" may not have been your exact words but that's what you said...

On God, I want to know I seriously do. Since you feel that way I'm begging you for answers... See I'm one that thinks logically so I asked myself and I'm asking you. Why must an individual feel they need to make the relationship difficult? Why must one feel that it shouldn't be total peace and tranquility in a relationship? Why is it that if a man feels like he wants peace and tranquility in a relationship he is viewed as incapable of handling a strong black woman? Why is it that sisters feel like they must create a rift in the relationship as far as chemistry by adding an attitude and a division in a relationship? I'm asking these questions because I don't get it, ma'am, I'm an intelligent black woman but when something doesn't make sense to me I ask questions which is something intelligent people do when they haven't figured something out. That has absolutely nothing to do with my mother my father any of my family. I don't why you feel as if you need to bring my mother up because I'm asking you a question that actually makes sense in my eyes

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Maybe it's not the black women that's the problem. Maybe it's you. I love that man he always shows me the truths...My black King and I will pray for you...Hope God will heal and deliver you from you and your hostility toward black women. Take care to have to go to my non-hostile environment with my beautiful family.

The sister is speaking from her vantage point and probably has a point. Instead of being up all in your feeling and disrespecting her try listening or having a civil conversation. It's not a secret that the younger generation is more disrespectful.

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Most beautiful Black woman

Most beautiful Black woman

Most beautiful Black woman

Most beautiful Black woman

Most beautiful Black woman

Most beautiful Black woman

Beautiful black women are pleasant beings. Black women aren't allowed to have normal human emotions. We aren't allowed to be angry even when it is warranted. We can't even walk down the street without someone telling us to smile. We are allowed to be sad because we have to be strong. I wish people would stop policing black women's emotions.