WOULD YOU ACCEPT 50 milliOn over lOve?

This somehow falls into the category of is it wise to choose financial security over love when it comes to settling down .. basically, the inevitable and antithetical as well as antiquated, prospects of the notion of security over love leaves the final glue to be the financial security or


It becomes the premise upon which the groundwork was laid.. it becomes the foundation laid down in that without it there is not much else that appears to maintain sustenance within said relationship boundaries.

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Because in this current reality ppl are substituting the word love for loyalty and it is not the organic kind of naturally submissive loyalty that comes about throughout the correspondence of real love indeed we are speaking about real love in which regardless of having had those securities which finances offer the love is still bound by truth and a set of standards which supersede monetary value, the thing of it is we have put a value on love and there should be no value declared when referencing love, as love traverses far beyond the stratosphere of monetary acclaim or value .. security should be the last thing we are concerned about within the circumference of love's abyss .. we should be more concerned with will this person love me past death, will the person love me through sickness or them .. will they love me through my flaws, will they love me when time transcends superficial values.

It appears that in the ambiguous and deceptive name of so-called intellect our humanity has been somewhat diminished and obscenely replicated throughout and abroad .. most persons maintain the mindset that this would be a no-brainer for them in that the Obvious choice would be security when asked the question this way. I am just about almost certain that this will be a very similar outcome in this scenario we bring forth tonight and that is One very sad revelation.

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When you approach a relationship, if you are approaching it within the mindset of idea's that you have been immersed in by way of circumstance in which it might appear to be more appealing to maintain this mindset and devalue the core element of what should be the sole compelling force within any structure calling itself a relationship of this caliber, that core element being (( love )) and nothing more .. which should become mutual at some point .. then the relationship is indeed doomed before it has begun .. unless your common denominator, of course, is this false sense of security.


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It has been proven time and again with mostly women for Obvious reasons, and also nowadays quite a few men as well, that when you marry, date, engage, for the sole purposes of financial fortitude then you indeed abridge and begins to capsulize and encase yourself in a kind of mental prison, because if these are the core elements that were a defining factor in shaping your desires to commence or initiate a relationship for the sake of superficial values, you had the best rest assure that eventually the partner whom becomes entangled in that web with you will soon figure things out and there will be some retribution to pay forth even if it is just the person severing ties.


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A lot of ppl who were polled said they did not believe in two that are struggling together which to me disembodies the most important part of the relationship, the struggle is what makes the 2 ppl strong in each Other and the relationship itself should be something worth struggling for in the first place.. also to initiate this kind of comment would bore the assumption that both parties are in the struggle context in the first place therefore love was never a part of the equation for them because all they were seeking is security .. and that is all.

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