Black Driver Charged With Murdering Racist Attacker In Self Defense – No Stand Your Ground

Stand your ground laws obviously don’t protect everyone. That’s why these laws need to perish. They are designed to protect white racists who use the law to get off, not black people who are being pursued by the racists. Stand Your Ground law has proven itself to be another racist Jim


Stand Your Ground law needs to be protested everywhere the law exists. The law in itself should either allow every citizen in the region to benefit from it or go away entirely.

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William Marcus (Marc) Wilson stood his ground against racist drivers who were pursuing him on the road as he and his girlfriend were on their way to Taco Bell as they met sheer terror trying to run them off the road as they screamed racist slurs while playing music from the cult movie called “The Purge.” It’s a movie about lawless vigilantes preying on the innocent and are able to kill them with no repercussions from the law. In reality, there is indeed a law that protects racists from the justice of the legal system and persecutes the victims who try to defend themselves, and yet, they ask us why we protest.

This was the case for Wilson, a victim of our unjust and unfair legal system, who decided he wanted to live so he used his legally registered gun to save the lives of him and his girlfriend the evening they were accosted by terrorists. But the legal system doesn’t see it that way because the racists who run our legal system have decided that Black people do not have the right to protect themselves. The way the legal system sees things, the victim, Wilson, was in the wrong for defending himself in the first place and not succumbing to the terror that awaited him should he have decided he didn’t want to live. But surviving is a crime when you are a Black man and everything he has ever done or said will now be used against him to vilify him and turn him into the bad guy.

The 12 year-year-old ambitious college student was charged last month with one count of felony murder and one count of aggravated assault in the death of Haley Hutcheson, who was a 17-year-old reprobate who attempted to stalk, chastise and kill Wilson.

The truth is, Wilson shouldn’t have been charged in the first place.  Wilson is legally allowed to carry the weapon he used to defend himself from being another statistic. His actions were courageous and he is actually a hero who more than likely not only saved his own life but the life of his girlfriend as well.

Believing his life was in danger, Marc Wilson defended himself and shot at the ultimate threat that was terrorizing him and his girlfriend that evening. Francys Johnson, a civil rights attorney based in Georgia, said “They expressed that to law enforcement … We think the evidence will show that what Marc confronted was ‘a Black man’s worst nightmare.”

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Although the legal system is not clear whether this was racially motivated, Johnson scoffed at the choice of language and said these racist terrorists were “yelling phrases like ‘n-word,’ ‘your lives don’t matter’ and called his girlfriend an ‘n-word lover.”

Johnson has proclaimed that the Statesboro racist Police Department mismanaged the case from the beginning by immediately criminalizing Wilson Despite laws that allow him to defend himself. We must remember, it is the same law that delayed arresting Ahmaun Arbery’s killers for more than two months and allowed George Zimmerman to be acquitted of killing Trayvon Martin in 2012.


“Marc Wilson and his girlfriend were not believed. Instead, they were treated like criminals. They were criminalized from the very moment this case began,” Johnson said. “They’ve been maligned with misleading statements from the community to suggest that they’re members of Antifa.”

As of Monday, although the people who were stalking Wilson with intentions of killing him have been arrested, Johnson said that the truck involved was never impounded or inspected even though the would-be killers “have a reputation” for this sort of thing.

Unfortunately, only portions of the terrorist attack were caught on camera from nearby businesses that night. Lawyers claim they are reviewing the closed-circuit security footage. The actual shooting took place in an area without any surveillance cameras.

The reckless police of the Statesboro Police Department arrested the wrong person. Wilson is not to blame for defending himself. Wilson is the innocent victim of racist circumstance that he legally defended himself from. “The people in the truck should have been charged with felony aggravated assault and charged with the death of the passenger in their vehicle,” Johnson said.

Johnson started a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for legal fees. He is trying to raise $25,000 but so far, as of 7/7/2020, hasn’t reached the halfway point yet.

“He was the one who was literally defending his and his girlfriend’s lives,” James “Major” Woodall said. “Black people’s lives are not as important and valued under the law.”