Do Black Lives Matter To Black People? Of Course!

It is pure deflection when people say that Black lives only matter to Black people when they are killed by a white person. Not true. But if that person happens to not get punished and rewarded in many instances and also works for a crooked system of injustice, then that is cause for concer


Black people care about Black lives. Statistics say we do. Fun fact - we commit crimes on all levels really close to everyone else while having the generational poverty as a staple. Crimes of poverty are understandable. What’s the excuse for the rest of society with way more status, income and wealth? As for education, apparently the stats say that we do that more than go to prison and black women have the highest level of degrees. Get it straight! Stop looking at the media to tell you how black folks are doing and do the research.

Do you ask if White Lives Matter when White People kill each other? While it may be true that we kill ourselves at alarming rates, we have a more alarming rate of poverty in black areas. Poverty creates crime and crime raises death rates. The problem is not self love. It is more of survival. Once black people obtain higher wealth statuses then the overall crimerate will appear to dissipate. It's not rocket science.

Black people need to change their thinking and stop seeing themselves as their own enemy. While it is true that the nehavior needs to change, it will require our circumstance to change first. It will require hope.