Are Trump Supporters DELUDED? Yep.

President Donald Trump is incapable of accepting that most Americans don't like him and want him gone or even better - thrown in jail for his political crimes against humanity.


Are Trump Supporters DELUDED? Yep.

Trump Support is NOT what they think. Not too long ago a guy was arrested in my state not because of his possibly illegal gun collection and ignorant right-wing violent views, but he went around his predominantly non-melanated neighborhood to his NEIGHBORS trying to "garnish support" for his radical violent GOP cause. Neighbors who LOOKED LIKE HIM who he "assumed" would THINK LIKE HIM. Someone reported him. Probably MULTIPLE neighbors. Trump supporter don't understand who Trump really is!

You see ... RACISTS and Trump CULTISTS think that EVERYONE who "looks like them" AGREE with them and their right-wing illogical support of Trump. And in this particular upcoming election, with this particular POTUS, that is NOT the case. There are more ANTI-TRUMP non-melanated voters than there were for Obama. Obama won two terms with less than 1/2 the white vote (about 1/3 or a little more), but the majority of _ALL_ minority votes. Trump has FAR FAR more non-melanated people AGAINST him than "for" him than Obama had. FAR FAR more. I say and predict at least 1/2 of white voters will vote AGAINST Trump in most swing states. As well as the same 95% of blacks, 65% of hispanics and asians (if not more) and 95% of LGBTQ (if not more) and 65% of Jews (if not more) who voted for Obama and other Democrats.

Every single minority you can name, in VAST NUMBERS, votes DEM. Every time. Without FAIL. The last midterm election in November was high-turnout and almost ALL-DEM, even in the races we lost (senate) but we made them VERY VERY CLOSE, even in red states. The House fell to the DEMS.

When the DEMS come out in FORCE, not only the all-day everyday melanated MINORITIES who see what the GOP and Trump is but VAST SWATHS of MILLIONS of non-melanated voters who are SICK of this MENTALLY-ILL RACIST INCOMPETENT POTUS ... and as such he does not have a CHANCE IN HELL.