What Is Now?

As we become attached and perhaps even tethered to this reality of our innate existence, we seek understanding and wisdom of what reality is and what we are actually living in.


I feel deep inner disatisfaction, like something is not quite right,

Like I'm in a sudden state of inertia, standing still in this illusion of life,

I feel like time has stopped as clear as the hands on my clock,

But I can still feel the winds of time moving, as time hurls to a full stop,

Or maybe it's my mind in me, making this reality what I want it to be,

Can it be? then I realize that's it's the emotions inside of me, 

Stopping me from being free, I gently reach for the key,

To open up a solid door, that I can walk through without turning the knob,

Then I realized that the door doesn't even exist, but still my hand is on the door knob,

I don't need to awaken from this nightmarish pleasant dream of lies,

Cause dreaming is beautiful, I can dream that I leave the ground and rise,

As I fly around infinity, my mind expands infinitely,

My thoughts thrust manifold, and turn in on itself, exponentially,

I'm delirious from all the confusion, and what's happening,

Life is but a dream, and one day it may completely vanish,

But I won't be panicking, I'll be embracing the end like I'm waiting for the end of time,

This is the final hour, the last minute, the divine design,

I'm no longer confined in the spaces as far as my mind can think,

I dream of things like peace, but right now I feel the earth's tide glide against my feet,

Waters that I can drink, or make forests grow in the deepest seas,

Entrenched by the design of this imaginative flow of thoughts, I am full of glee,

I never even woke up, I never got out of bed, didn't yawn or stretch,

Asleep - my body lies, and my mind is unfamiliar with regret,

I deeply sigh, minutes go by but time doesn't exist here,

I'm caught up in a dream, I feel the fabric of reality tear...