A Massage Anywhere Spices Up Romance

Giving someone a mature massage anywhere is the perfect way to spice up a relationship, romance and possibly even sex. A massage anywhere can be mature and relaxing as well as alluring.



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Why Massage Anywhere
It is true that a massage anywhere spices up romance and is a heavenly pleasure for the human body to experience. Massages are for your mate, your family, as well as for your friends. You can give a soothing and pleasurable massage anywhere to your grandmothers and babies, as well as your pets and those who you truly love. To give a massage anywhere is to physically help someone and take care of them. It is a pleasure  for anyone you wish to indulge in an act of physical caring.

Massage Anywhere is a healing art, contrary to myth. You should not think of massages as an advanced sexual technique. However, naturally, when practiced by lovers, massages anywhere can be a beautiful extension of sexuality. If both parties desire, the feeling of aliveness and serenity can be transmitted through the act of massaging, but this is merely only one of many possibilities that massages anywhere can hold for us who practice this art.


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Massaging someone anywhere is a masterful art that allows one to communicate without using words. This is where the core of massaging lies. Once you consider, when you hug or touch someone, we express to them that we like or love them, that we sympathize with them or believe in their worth. The act of massaging allows us to translate this message in a unique and different language. The power of massaging, giving someone a really good massage anywhere, puts them in a mental-physical state that can be difficult to explain in words. It is like having a golden key to a magical dimension, capable of unlocking rooms that were hidden away and unknown to anyone's existence.

Such a place would only be known to those who understand its arcane substance and who may be familiar with deep concentration or some form of daily meditation.The person giving the massage doesn't need to stop there. The more you can tune into someone's heightened awareness, the more you convey and transmit your true inner self with them and bond with the rest of the universe. The least touch is a statement; a declaration of that bond.

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In its essence, a massage anywhere is simple. It simply makes us more whole and more fully ourselves. Your hands have the power to give something this pure, this magnificent to others. Once you fully learn to trust this power, you become at one with the universe and all is right again. Your sync with this inner, more spiritual you, will allow you to give away something so fruitful, you will become reborn through this expressive form of therapy.

Massage Props To Be Used Anywhere

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The best massage done anywhere is with oil.
Your hands cannot apply pressure to the body while it seamlessly moves smoothly over the surface of the skin. You need a lubricating agent to do this. Oils fulfill this better than any other agent. Two types of the most commonly oils used for massages anywhere are mineral and vegetable oil.

These two agents are equally satisfying to the person receiving the massage. Many choose mineral oil because it is the cheapest of the two. If you go to any place that gives away massages you will usually discover that they use mineral oil. Some people prefer vegetable. This is perhaps due to the heightened awareness of health and the notion that vegetable oil is good for the skin and mineral oil is not.  Vegetable oil is easily absorbed by the skin while mineral oil tends to clog the pores. Also, consider that vegetable oil adds vitamins to the skin while mineral oil drains vitamins. Preferred oils to use are virgin olive oil, almond oil, avocado oil and safflower oil. Safflower oil and olive oil are found more frequent at local shopping markets and tend to be less expensive choices. They can all be mixed together depending on your preference.

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If all you have available is baby oil, you can get by with it. The problem with baby oil is that it soaks up in the skin so quickly which requires new applications to become necessary more frequently. Hand lotions are less desirable for the same reasons. In any event, the oils do cause odors to erupt. For this reason it will become necessary to add pleasant scents to control aromas. Add a few drops of Musk to the oils to create a pleasant scent, which will in turn, enhance the massage experience. Be creative. Chocolate oil is good and remember, that chocolate is an aphrodisiac.

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You can save the powders. Though they work, they just don't work as well as oils do. The problem with powders is that they don't cut down the friction between your hands and the skin of the person that you are giving a massage to. The only optimal time to use powder is when it's not possible to use oils. When this problem occurs, any talcum powder will suffice. Though you don't necessarily have to use oils or powders to give a massage, you really do need them to give a good massage anywhere.

Floor Or Table?

The easiest way to give someone a massage is on a table. But if you don't have a table available for a massage, or prefer the floor for whatever reason, you can give an awesome massage on the floor. Beds are for sleeping and doing whatever else you want to do, but not give massages. Giving good massages is all about hitting pressure points. Because mattresses are usually built soft, it's hard to provide the underlying support you need when you want to apply pressure. You can give it a shot if you want, but don't day I didn't warn you. Try pressing hard on someone lying in a bed, and they melt into the fluff. Water beds are different. Because of their firmness, they make good for massages. Use a foam pad if you have one available and are working on the floor. 1 or 2 inches thick gives the best support. If not, you might want to try using thick blankets. The thinner the layer, the more optimal for giving a good massage anywhere.

Nude Massages Enjoyable Anywhere

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I am serious when I say that the best way to give a massage anywhere is in the nude. I'm not joking about this! Even a minimal amount of clothing, such as underwear or a bathing suit will get in your way. It will require you to leave certain areas of the body including important muscle groups to go unmassaged. This may deny you the genuine satisfaction and pleasant sensation of giving a complete massage anywhere. The totality and connectedness of your body. Sometimes giving nude massages will feel awkward or make you feel totally nervous.

Sometimes it may just be inappropriate. Use your own good judgement. The most important thing about giving a massage anywhere is feeling comfortable doing so and making the experience as enjoyable as it can possibly be. Don't forget to remove rings and bracelets or anything that wasn't born on you if it's removable. These things will interfere and get in the way. Focus on the breathing. Breathing is life. Breathing properly will make you more in touch with your inner you and entire body. Breath through either your nose or your mouth.

Do not force your breathing but let it flow naturally. Let your thoughts travel through your conscious mind like a breeze over a lake in the mid day. Make sure your loved one or client is fully relaxed and breathing properly before you begin. Let them know that they are not to turn their heads or move. That's what you are their for. Their only job is to let you do yours. They should only turn if they feel uncomfortable or turn their head from side to side only if they feel it becoming stiff.

The Trick About Applying Oil


Apply oil to someone's body sounds simple enough. But these are some tips you should know about. Never pour oil directly from the bottle onto your friend's skin. The sensation that derives from this act is a disagreeable one. Put the oil in your hands and gently rub onto your friend's body. Make sure your hands are on one side of the body and not directly above it for the same reason. This will also prevent drops of oil from falling on them. Don't apply too much oil. Try using about 3 quarters of a teaspoon. Make sure the oil is warm and if it is not, warm it in your hands before applying to their body. And only apply the oil to the parts of the body you are going to immediately work. Otherwise much of the oil will be absorbed before you have the chance to use it.Make sure you apply the oil to both of your palms. Use any kind of stroking movement that is gentle, yet steady. This is very important the first time that you apply oil at the beginning of a massage. The first stroke of your touch should be confident and steady. Your friend will be relaxed to know that you are confident in your abilities to make them feel special.

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Don't miss any corners. Make sure that you massage the entire area of the place you choose to massage. A good massage anywhere should be thorough. Make sure you touch your friend throughout the entire massage. Try to never go a second without touching them as you give the massage. This will provide the connectivity that you want to achieve. A good trick is to also use two bottles of oil when you give a massage anywhere. This will save time and prevent awkward acrobats as you maneuver your way through the massage.

Massage Anywhere With Perfect HandsImage result for massage

Knowing how to be at one with your hands is really the most important aspect of giving good massages anywhere. That's the real technique. The more massages you do, the more likely you are to master this art. Getting acquainted with your hands takes time. This is no unpleasant task but you will spend the rest of your life mastering this art form.Apply pressure when you do a massage. The amount of pressure you apply will vary and depend on the strokes you are giving when you do a massage. People first learning to give massages anywhere are nervous about the possibility of hurting someone they are massaging. This causes them to apply little to no pressure. Not to worry. The human body is not as frail as you may suspect. Pressure feels good. You must learn to experiment with different pressure to masterfully give your good massage anywhere and anyplace. If you feel self conscious you can always ask your partner if you are applying too much pressure.

Learn to relax your hands.
They must be loose and flexible while you move them about. What's so difficult about this is that you will be moving them, and it's harder to relax them while they are in motion. Also, most of carry a great deal of tension in our hands. You actually relieve some of this tension in your own hands by giving away massages to others. Try relaxing your hands whenever they feel stiff or tight.

Mold your hands to fit the contour of the surface they pass.
You must always keep your palm and fingers in contact with the person that you massage anywhere. Do not let the heel of the hand or the tips of your fingers to slip in the air as you move from one part of the body to the other. Once you glide your hands over a certain area, you must make sure to contour that area and fit the shape of the surface that your hands pass as they pass over this area. Pretty much the way that water in a stream passes over rock.

Maintain an evenness Of Speed Pressure.
Let the movement of your hands be as flowing and smooth as possible. Eliminate jerkiness, trembling and unnecessary body movements to the best of your ability. Also, do not be afraid to change it up, moving from fast to slow, hard to soft, following the rhythm of wherever the massage takes you.

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Massage Anywhere By Using Right Amount Of Pressure

Force your hands to listen to the tissues and bones beneath. Tune in to the structure and deep strata of the body's muscles. Whenever you encounter bone, you must try to outline it's shape. As a masseuse, it is your job to articulate your friend's body for them. The more precisely you achieve this, the greater the person you are massaging anywhere will be pleased and get the most out of your massage. This will amount to a quality that can only be described as a magical experience.When applying pressure, use your weight and not your muscle. As you massage, carefully lean into pressure points by projecting weight through your upper body into your hands. Straining will only give you stiff hands.

Remember, you should do a massage anywhere with your entire body, and not just your hands. I am not saying to climb onto your naked friend, body submerged over theirs, to give a proper massage,  but your hand movement will be more alive when their movement is an extension of a more general movement that comes from the rest of your body.Use these methods that I have outlined in this post to give an excellent massage anywhere and bookmark this article so you can always have this information nearby. Granted, you will want to stay fresh for techniques to use and possibly take notes, but I can almost guarantee that if you follow these concepts and methods of giving a proper massage, then the experience of giving massages will be a great reward that you obtain for yourself and the people you give massages to. Feel free to like this article and share on your favorite social networks. Thank you.

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