Sabotage At Work

Being sabotaged at work can be a costly thing. Once you think about it, we depend on our jobs for everything. That's how we actually get some bills paid. But many people fall prey to the many ways you can sabotage yourself at your job.

  1. Sabotage At Work 1. Be careful who you hang around. If you hang around a loud and outspoken crowd, make sure that the company you keep properly represents your character. Hanging around the wrong group could offer consequential effects. Hanging the wrong crowd is one of the top ways to sabotage yourself at work.
  2. Sabotage At Work 2. Be on time. Though your job may not say anything to you when you are late, the time adds up and eventually someone will say something. So watch your back and try to always be on time. Being punctual at work will prevent yourself from self sabotage.
  3. Sabotage At Work 3. Call in when you are not going to be on time. You will sabotage yourself at work if you don't make a simple phone call. This courtesy will show your job that you actually value your job.
  4. Sabotage At Work 4. Don't punch your boss in the face. It goes without saying that if you take a job at your boss, they just might fire you. Do not sabotage yourself at work like that.
  5. Sabotage At Work 5. Don't be a pig at your desk or cubicle. Come on now. Show your employers you have some class.
  6. Sabotage At Work 6. Dress for the gig. Don't wear those fat Nike sneakers when your job requires you to wear casual dress. By not conforming to proper dress codes you will surely sabotage yourself at work.
  7. Sabotage At Work 7. Don't talk about people. Word gets around and this could really come back to bite you. You can surely sabotage yourself at work by talking about people and spreading rumors. It's best to go your own separate way when people are talking about others because you don't want any part of that nonsense. You should go to work to feel good anyway, not to make other people feel uncomfortable around you. By using common courtesy you can be sure that you will not sabotage yourself at work.
  8. Sabotage At Work 8. Try actually doing some work fool. And stop calling up your friends on your cell phone when you should be getting your work done. If you do this you are just waiting for a manager to catch you and then write you up. Using cell phones at work when it's forbidden is a dumb reason to sabotage yourself at work.
  9. Sabotage At Work 9. Don't browse the internet at work unless it's break time. Especially if your job has rules against this sort of thing. Doing something that is forbidden in the rules at your place of work is a sure way to sabotage yourself.
  10. Sabotage At Work 10. Don't bash your computer against the wall. I know computers can be slow, but you must be patient if you don't want to sabotage yourself at your job.

    Follow these tips and you can be sure that you won't sabotage yourself while you are at work.

It is easy to sabotage yourself at work. The main mistake that people make who sabotage themselves while at work is not being alert and paying attention to your surroundings. Make it a habit of knowing the personalities of the people that work with. By having an idea of how people respond to you and what their motives are, you will have an understanding of the role they play while they are around you. This will help to know obvious things, like whether or not anyone has a motive to sabotage you in the workplace.

It's a good idea to go to events if your job has any. By going to events, you stay more in the know and it will also give an image that you really care about your job and that you are the type of person who will get involved. When people get involved with events from the workplace, they send off a message that they are not only interested in their job, but it also sends a message that they can be trusted at work and when people see you like to get involved, they have less of a reason to sabotage you at work.

I was working for a corporation one time and though I was pretty happy at the job. I didn't participate int he events much. People assumed that I thought I was too good to be around them and I got looked at as being stuck up. So I changed my attitude and went to events to mingle at times, but I would just show my face just to let everyone know that I was on the up and up. I was sabotaging myself without even realizing it!

I noticed that attitudes towards me started to change and people acted more friendly towards me. Your attitude will prevent you from sabotaging yourself. That is probably the most important thing that will protect from sabotaging yourself at work. Even if you are not a very sociable person, it's good to go on a limb and make the extra effort to be friendly. It will also make your experience at your job a lot more enjoyable. And you should enjoy work as much as humanly possible.