Ready For The New - Goodbye 2019!

Dear 2019..before you arrived I was excited!! To new beginnings I said. Made preparations to purchase a new home built from the ground up, a new car, finalize a divorce, only child graduating high school with honors..well u came in showed up and showed out.


I've lost so much this year. . .  friends to cancer, my father, my mother, a cousin, other family members to hate, envy, jealousy and the list goes on and on.

Dayum near lost my mind in the process. I am done with you. We must cut our ties now. Not waiting another day. My new year starts today!!! I see a bright future ahead of me... Continuing my relationship with God, Love and a new girlfriend, starting the businesses that I desire to start. Having positive people in my life always!! So thank you for coming but you are no longer needed here!!!

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Alas, it didn't all pan out the way "I ENVISIONED" it would. Maybe that was/is the issue; maybe it wasn't supposed to happen the way "I" saw it, but instead played out the way it needed to and was supposed to in HIS vision for my life.

I think we get caught as human beings thinking things should be certain ways or look a certain way, or feel a certain way and people are supposed to act this way or that, but ultimately how often do things just turn out exactly like we saw them or planned on?

2019 gave us blessings as well, I read that you had a child graduate with honors, and got a divorce, hell those are blessings right? And let's face it, we are both sitting here typing on this site, so we were blessed with LIFE in general.
Here is to a prosperous and happy 2020 to you, to me, to all of us 

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We expect too much, and in the end we tend to get caught up in the spur of the moment. Thinking thing's will always be good but then will turn out to change into something else. When we least expect it too. We all have our up's and down's in one year, but will not know for sure in the next. Got to be able to change it, if we are willing to change them into better ones. In order to over come the mounds and hills that are place in our path we got to work to change to be willing, than sit there and hoping an wishing it to go away. Takes motivation and focus to work at it, to make thing's happen.
Whatever we plan on New year, it cannot always be fulfilled. Good and bad times are part of life. Only the time we spend with family and friends remains with us forever.
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The year is not totally over but I must say, so far the year seems good to me. Got through a few things I am happy to have gotten past. Also ventures are looking up and I am excited about what I believe is yet to come. It's a better year than 2019, that's for sure. I am just going to stay positive and do what is in my power to make this the best year yet;)