SpongeBob Gay Pants - Is SpongeBob Squarepants Gay?

SpongeBob "Gay" Pants is a yellow sponge cartoon character who lives under the sea in a pineapple. The character is a jolly sea creature who manages to always see the best in everyone.


SpongeBob was an instant sensation when he hit Nickelodeon station. So far the hit television cartoon series has run for 12 years and counting. But with success comes controversy. The popular cartoon has been under attack constantly, being accused of promoting Illuminati political agendas to promoting being gay. These serious attacks and observations of the kid television shows have even caused the show not to be aired in certain countries because of the content.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has even claimed that the cartoon may even be hazardous to a child's ability to learn. Even children have easily pointed out that it's odd for a male cartoon character to make sexual jokes hinting at preferred deviant homosexual tendencies, who wears makeup and talks generally the way most gay people talk and act.

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In various episodes, SpongeBob has worn lipstick, women's clothing, admitted to having a crush on his next-door neighbor, Squidward, who is an Octopus who is repulsed by the lovable sea creature. You have to admit, it does appear that there is a hidden agenda when you make a cartoon kids television show this loveable and nice and yet, awkwardly demented. The bigger question, is why use such content to target toddlers and teenie boppers, who are the people most likely to watch these episodes?

In 2002, the creator of the Nickelodeon cartoon series bashed rumors that SpongeBob Squarepants is a gay character. He calls the fictional character "somewhat asexual." Proof points to a different scheme. Consider, his best friend is a Pink Starfish that has no problem holding SpongeBob's hand while they dance and walk through a jellyfish valley with rainbows and bright colors. They also gather and watch their favorite television show called, "The Adventures Of Mermaid Man Barnacle Boy."
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Suppose SpongeBob Squarepants is not actually a gay character. Let's say he is, as the creator of the series puts it, asexual. This would be similar to creating a cartoon about a bunny but saying that the bunny is a dog. Let's go with it though. The troubling aspect about the content that is presented on the kid's network show is what is being presented to kids all across the world. Wouldn't we want to protect them from inappropriate content?

A 2005 music video that used SpongeBob and other popular children's characters to promote diversity and tolerance was attacked by James Dobson, who is the founder of the right-wing Christian group "Focus On The Family." He said that the video was no more than a "vehicle for pro-gay propaganda." Dobson singled out SpongeBob because of his popularity with gay men. The founder of the organization, We Are Family Foundation, disagreed with the attack.

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SpongeBob Squarepants is also believed to promote obesity. A report released in 2005 found evidence that linked the rise of childhood obesity to television ads for snack foods that starred the children's favorite cartoon characters, including SpongeBob Squarepants. The problem is that Congress has yet to mandate that advertisers stop using these characters to advertise unhealthy products. How convenient that Mr. Squarepants works at a fast-food restaurant undersea that makes and sells "crabby patties." How fortunate that a number of the series shows concentrates on evil plankton who wishes to steal the crabby patty formula and control the world, or at least, "Bikini Bottom," which is where the fictional characters reside at.

Fox News jumped in on the SpongeBob attacks themselves, arguing that a book based on the SpongeBob series titled, "SpongeBob Goes Green" pushed a climate change agenda. But hold up, they were actually arguing that climate change is unproven science! Leave it to Fox News to find something silly to join in on the SpongeBob attacks. Tanya Somander who works at Think Progress pointed out it is sad that apparently, a children's book is "more familiar with fact than actual FOX News employees.

The American Academy of Pediatrics published a study concluding that SpongeBob Squarepants and similar kids cartoons are too fast-paced and aren't good for children. The "frenetic pace" of scene changes in SpongeBob episodes, researchers say, hinders attention spans and concentration levels. Nickelodeon said that the show isn't intended for preschoolers. Jane Gould says, "It made me scratch my head and feel confused, as quoted by ABC news. SpongeBob is "designed to entertain 6-to-11-year-olds."

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In defense of the report, SpongeBob characters and script "appeal" to kids of all ages. To justify this statement would be as ludicrous as to justify gangster rappers who say that their songs are not made for kids and that they don't want to be role models. These are the children we are talking about here. Can we let them all off the hook so easily? Do parents have any say in the matter?

Is it okay to let your children watch a gay acting cartoon parade around in "la-la land" wearing eye shadow and occasionally dressing up as a woman when the network's only defense is that the character can't be gay because we say he is asexual? Keep in mind this is a loveable and influential character your children watch, whose only purpose in life is to go to work every day at a fast-food restaurant where he and his fellow employee are underpaid by a greedy boss whose only focus is on making money. Does this sound familiar to you? Does this seem like brainwashing?

Another talentless Squidward has hopes and dreams of becoming a musician or an artist. Time and time again he fails. Evil Plankton is an evil genius whose sole purpose in life is to steal the "Krabby Patty secret formula" so he can open up his own fast-food restaurant. Patrick is a starfish who is supposedly a buffoon incapable of any intelligent thought. He doesn't work, but he sits by himself in his spare time and does absolutely nothing. Sandy is a genius squirrel who has decided to move to the bottom of the sea in a bubble and wears an astronaut uniform to breathe underwater. Does anyone see a pattern here? Maybe not. Let's imagine sitting a child on the television to watch this cartoon every day. What might go through this child's mind? Hmmm...

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