When Did The Hotep Community Become Hypocrites?

I just needed to address the hypocritical behavior in the black community, because I don't see anyone else addressing our buffoonery!


Observing Black people's behavior these days is actually more like listening to a Tupac CD. Listen to the first song and the man is talking about loving his people, being racially profiled and treated bad by cops while also pointing out the Black on Black crime behavior patterns. Then you turn on the next song and he's tlaking about wet'em up and bragging about all of the Black people he either killed or will kill. In the Black community, this contradictory behavior is very popular.

I giggle to myself when I see a Black person's post about supporting Black owned businesses and how it's necessary. They do this while staying loyal to a racist white owned platform, like Facebook or Twitter. Seriously? For the past few years I have seen Black folk camplain vehemently about how racist Facebook is and how bad they are treated on the network. Some want in so bad that they create a whole bunch of profiles on the platform because they know eventually that one of their profiles will be taken down. Even more odd, if you read some of the posts, they are complaining about how racist Facebook is.

Years later, I see their profiles active and see them complaining still and posting the same conscious crap that they've been posting for the past few years. Still using the "racist" platform, and not belonging to even one black social network. Wait! So you are going to tell me that a Black man had something to do with the creation of the internet, but Black people will brag about that fact but are so hypocritical they won't support Black social networking? Not even when it is a game changer? This is interesting and speaks volumes about the current predicament Black people are in. Not even to mention the Black people who constantly brag about the fact they are not involved in voting or any type of politics but somehow delude themselves into believing that they can form their own nation. Wow! Really?

How is possible to use Facebook for anything other than promotion and complain about it later. It makes sense to use the website as a place to advertise products or websites, but some of you people post your most deepest and most private thoughts on Facebook. When will the buffoonery stop. Some even tell stories of how the FBI is tracking them through their Facebook profiles but maintain that they are fighting the good fight.

If these people are really so "woke" and care so much about supporting "black businesses" then why keep posting that contradictory b.s. on Facebook? Why would you abandon your brothers and sisters on Black social networks, who will actually be more receptive to what you are trying to promote?

I personally believe that the entire Hotep movement is full of b.s. and there are hardly any real Hoteps out there.

The buffoonery gets even more crazy as you turn towards the conscious communities and see the hypocrisy that's prevalent within this matrix.

You know what's funny about the Hoteps and "woke" people? I never hear them promoting anything outside of what they are personally doing. It's almost as if Black people are using the Hotep community as a cover to make their own projects popular.

SInce we are doing all of this online, wouldn't it make the most sense to constantly promote black social networks? Does anyone believe that this is necessary for the Black community?

Let's look at social working from a black economic standpoint.

The highest grossing social networks are billion dollar websites. Now let's think of if the Black community used Black social networks. We would be looking at the fact that we created wealth in our own community. This owuld be money generated by Black people that stays in Black people's hands. This would mean that money we raise on these specific platforms would stay in our own hands without being filtered outside of that specific branch.

Empowerment is only a concept or an idea in the Hotep community, but it is not a practice. If it was a practice, then everyone would see the necessity of maintaining Black platforms that our people can have as our own retreat. It appears that most Black people fail to see the need for a Black social network, which means that these same individuals have no concept or true understanding how economics works.

You know when Black people finally start to realize these things? Usually when it's too late. Then they blame the system of white supremacy. They never blame their own behavior.

I remember when as a kid I observed run down property in a Black neighborhood. No one attempted to build any businesses or open up any stores there. Years later, foreigners seized the opportunity that Black people ignored. While Black people were out marching and protesting white supremacy, the Arabs, Turkish, Indians and Chinese were taken advantage of a gold mine, which was to take advantage of the lack of group economics that existed in the Black community.

Today, Black people cry when some of these stores leave their communities because they have become so fond of them. Then you have the ones that oppose them and tell Black people not to shop at these stores, which should in all truth really be a no-brainer. But truthfully, Black people lack the will to build. And as long as they behave in this manner, then there will never be the type of progress that many in the Hotep community are hopefully of. This doesn't go to say that Black people are incapable of progress, but it means that the behavior must first change before there can be any progress.

If Black people truly want to see change happen, then they must become the change that they seek. As a people, we have the power and the numbers to do great things, but if we keep ignoring this power, it's always going to be white supremacy's fault, and anyone who goes against that narrative is going to be a bad word.

The real truth of the matter is that Black people are always being led astray. The leaders of the conscious communities should know better and instead of building their platforms on white owned social media, they should also be pushing Black social networks. But they don't seem to be concerned about that, and I wonder why.