Imagine Having No Ancestors - Just Monsters

"Attention oppressors! You have no heroes. You have no ancestors. Your ancestors were monsters!" I have no desire to be racist. It's virtually impossible since I am of Nubian decent. But I have every right to be logical. My logic tells me that some people have no ancesto


"Attention oppressors! You have no heroes. You have no ancestors. Your ancestors were monsters!" I have no desire to be racist. It's virtually impossible since I am of Nubian decent. But I have every right to be logical. My logic tells me thatsome people have no ancestors. Unless they don't mind being associated with monsters. That's what my logic tells me about the ancestors ofoppressive people; and many people today who perpetuate the oppressive beliefs of their ancestors.

Another good reason I can't be racist is because it takes a burning hate and an inhuman rage buried deep within to be that hateful. I believe that Nubian people are incapable of such hatred. I believe that I am incapable of such hatred. Hear me out: my ancestors were whipped, brutalized, chastised, tormented and enslaved by these brutal monsters. Before you defend them, I must say, I know well that not allpeople of any raceare bad. Let's leave that conversation for a different topic. Most of them were and are and these are the facts.

  1. If you are black, there is a good chance that you are 50 times more likely to be shot by police officers while simply minding your own business.
  2. If you have black children, it's pretty evident that your child learns how great white people are in virtually any type of school environment. This may leave them conflicted and may leave the men chasing behind white women someday.
  3. If you are black, the chances are pretty great that you are not wealthy and your idea of being wealthy is around 35k a year and up. White people consider that poverty.
  4. If you are black, then you have problem witnessed racism at some point in your life and have even been discriminated against. Sometimes we block these things out as to disassociate from the experience.
  5. If you are black, you have probably idolized European traits and features at least some point in your life, thinking and believing that was true beauty.

The truth is,some people are demons. This is what they did... they found out about how physically strong black people were and are ability to survive through hard work and teamed up, got their weapons together and decided to make black people slaves. Our African ancestors had no idea what was coming. They had their humanity taken away from them. They were molested by white faggots during slavery in a practiced called buck breaking. They were looked down upon and treated worse than the pets of white people. If you are black, then you have relatives that were murdered brutally at some point in your history. You have no reason to embrace these savage beasts.

Somepeople are monsters because they are threatened by anything that doesn't make them seem like they are angels of peace but still superior. They have groups set up to kill those who are different from them and their past is filled with wrongdoings to people of other cultures and races as well as their own kind. What type of demon does these things?Even today these monsters still killNubian people for pleasure and have no remorse about it. Many of them are allowed to murder us without fear of repercussions and are backed by our government that has fundamentally been designed to preserve supremacy.

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"These People Are Not Of God"

Thesepeople have portrayed a white image of a Jewish Christ from the middle east who preached hatred and said it was okay to make slaves, murder and rape women. They must be monsters to worship such a nasty god! "The truth is, slavery and supremacy have held my people back and what we call supremacy is creating unfair circumstances for people of color that these beasts ignore exists." ThosePeople Know They Are Monsters. Thesepeople are monsters and there is no way around this information. Some even believe thatthese people are aliens and not from this planet. The reason people believe that, including even someof these same people, is because to do the things thatthese people have been capable of throughout history is in no way human. It's very inhumane. This makes the concerns ofthese people not being considered human justified.

ThesePeople Are The Devil. Thesepeople are truly the viruses of the planet. They have produced technological products that have destroyed the planet and polluted our oceans and wildlife. They have enslaved innocent people. They have created war, money and poverty and are literally the reason why people suffer in every poor country on this forsaken planet. All these things exist because white supremacy exists.These People Never Learn.

Thesepeople are monsters who do not learn from their mistakes.These people are quick to call anyone racist who questions their evil behavior and hate being called out on their b.s. However, anytimethese people have been wronged in history, they didn't simply complain about it, but they fought. They killed. They enslaved. They fought unfairly. How could these people not be monsters. They still don't acknowledge any of their wrongdoing and they believe everything should be swept under a carpet.