What Would Jesus Say Today If He Spoke To Us (Animation)

Parody about what if Jesus spoke and proclaimed why he is the path to God and why we should obey him.


This parody examines religion and the role of Jesus in religion. It makes fun of some of the beliefs about Jesus and religion and imposes serious questions about the intentions of Jesus and the bible. 

This parody takes the personality of Jesus in the bible and bases an entire persona based on the character from the bible. 

Have you ever wondered what Jesus might say if he were here? The inventor of this Jesus animation went deeper and made a parody based off biblical Jesus. This parody poses serious insights into Jesus' intentions as the son of god and takes a look into his psyche. 

The result of imagining what Jesus might say if he were alive today might be epic funny if you intellectually take a look into the person Jesus really was or really supposed to be.