The Most Stupidest Myths You Have Heard About Black People

A child is never too young to start learning about who they are and the mean and nasty stuff that racists make up about them just because of a few minor differences. Warning, black people have been demonized so much by white society that we will not be able to address every epithet or raci


The most stupidest myths you have heard about black people have been collected and debunked. As black Nubian people, we get tired of all the racist rumors, lies, jokes and myths that float around about black people, but it kind of goes with being black. I urge and recommend that parents share this post with their children of any age. A child is never too young to start learning about who they are and the mean and nasty stuff that racists make up about them just because of a few minor differences. Warning, black people have been demonized so much by white society that we will not be able to address every epithet or racial slur. We want to debunk the more popular ones that more white people and people over the world have been conditioned to believe. Perhaps if people begin to realize that mainstream media does not always present the most truthful information, then people will start thinking for themselves. Wait a minute! The government wouldn't sure be too happy about that. Because that would mean that people control the government and not that the government controls them.


The biggest and most untrue about black people that has been carried down since slavery is that black people have generally a lower IQ than white people. This is perhaps one of the biggest lies ever told about black people. It is untrue and the first myth that I want to debunk. The reason why it could appear that on some social levels that white people have higher IQ's than black people is due to environment. Once you think about it, all of our environments play a key role in how our intelligence is perceived.

Ramarni Wilfred is 11 years old and he is the smartest recorded person on the planet beating out Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkings. He is black and looks straight out of Africa.

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  1. Black people get to enjoy their black privilege. White people are not fooling anyone with this rhetoric nonsense. They know that there is no such thing as black privilege, but they say this to deflect the fact that they have white privilege, because they know that white privilege exists, but somehow, they feel that if they deflect away from them, then not as many people will pay attention to their white privilege that they don't have the slightest intention of giving up. Again, there is no such thing as black privilege. Not in the media. Not with the police. Not when it comes to jobs. Certainly, not when it comes to being discriminated against. In no way, not when it comes to politics. If president Obama proved one thing, he proved that even when a black president runs the country, no improvements will be made in black neighborhoods and nothing will be done to improve the standards and living conditions of black people in the USA. These things will not even be discussed and even black people won't want to initiate asking their president to step up to the plate because they feel more compelled to protect him from races that crawl out from every corner of the Republican nest.
  2. Are Racist Against White People.  This is just another one of their foolish attempts to thwart the attention off of themselves. Tell me, when is the last time you have ever heard a white person complain because a black owned corporation wouldn't hire them because they were white? Chances are, never. When is the last time you heard of a white man unjustly locked up because he was white on the wrong day of the week? Probably never! When is the last time you have heard your senator, governor or even president talk down to white people? Yea, I don't remember that myself. So this is basically just a nonsense one that no one cares about anyway because we all know its basically garbage.
  3. Mostly Thugs. The media plays on this stereotype the worst of all. That's because society has branded an image in everyone's mind of what a thug looks like. They've been so masterful at doing this, that they even make white thugs in blockbuster movies appear to dress and talk black. Now that society has this perfect definition of what a thug looks like, they can basically associate 97 percent of all black children with this false image. That's why every black boy calls themselves thugs. Not because they really believe they are thugs, but because they have knowledge that society will depict them as thugs no matter what.
  4. Genders are always at war. This is a lie. In the last few decades, questionable songs were made that debase black men and black women, and irresponsibly both sides were attacking. This became popular in hip hop culture for a while and maybe still is to a degree though it has seemed to die down a bit. Now, this version of self hate has spread through some of the black community and has caused a particular type of black person to hate black women and put her down. This was a movement started by dorks on the internet that has been popularized by social media. In reality, there is no where between black men and black women and 98 percent of black people do marry other black people, regardless of the images you see branded on news media, magazine, television and video.
  5. Black People Hate Gays. This is not true and black people have never had a history of hating anyone. However, in the black community there is a different idea of what is right and wrong that comes from Africa. We don't hate gay people but many just feel that lifestyle is not one that should be glorified. African Americans also believe and know that we are constantly under attack and scrutinized and attacked by mainstream media. The media will find the weirdest and most out of place African American and use that as the face to represent black people. In news media they will search for the weirdest and most ignorant black person to interview to try and make spectacles out of black people, hence, unless you live around black people, then you will think they are aliens. Black people do not want gay people as the face of black people. We understand that there are some black gays, but we know that the media will use every tool and method at their disposal to focus on making blacks look bad all around the world.
  6. Lower Self Esteem. Complaining that blacks have a lower self esteem than people of other races is deviant. Once you spend so much money, time and imagination oppressing a people and then turn around and complain about their self esteem issues is very evil and sick. Some black people do have lower self esteem. These are the non thinkers and they have been brainwashed and conditioned by the media. They are unable to think for themselves. But my strong black brothers and sisters have NO low self esteem issues. You see, we happen to the leaders of the planet. Nubian planet.
  7. Overly Aggressive. Let me just sum up that we were kings and queens who were taken from Africa and told to work as slaves. You might be a little overly aggressive yourself after hundreds of years of your family trying to convince a terrible white man that you are human. Yea, I think I just felt a little bit of aggression writing this.
  8. Always trying to steal white people's history. Again, this is an oxymoron. It makes about as much sense as me walking up to an old lady and punching her lights out and taking her purse and then when she wakes up from her coma, I ask her why she robbed me. Well, that's kind of what white people did to history. Most of the beautiful history you have read about throughout the years, including the bible, have been white washed. White people told the biggest lie about our history, which was claiming that it was their own. I have news for you, when the pyramids were built the white people were over in Europe (neanderthals). They did not witness the greatness that black people contributed to the planet once upon a time. All of Africa's history is for black people to claim and be proud of, including the arrival of the Messiah.
  9. Most black people are lazy. It was rather odd that white people went over to Africa, kidnapped them some Africans to become slaves for them and then complained that they were lazy and didn't want to do their chores. They are lucky they didn't have me. Cause I know they would have eventually got me, but I would have gladly took 3 or 4 of them with me. Lazy? They might be lazy too after hundreds of years of slavery!
  10. Play the knockout game. Yes, it's true. Some black people have been caught playing the knockout game in which they target random people and knock them out. They do not target whites out of racism, they target white people because if you want to knock someone out you need to find a target that appears weaker than you. Someone that is not as hip to the streets. These usually turn out to be white people. the racial correlation is actually very coincidental. Black people target more blacks for crime than anyone else.