Chinese Supremacy in Africa - Kenya Fighting Chinese Economic Invasion

Kenya is now facing a neo-colonization of Chinese invasion. The ministers and members of parliament are now admitting that the Chinese are economically invading Kenya!


Kenya is trying to stand up to bullying and an economic invasion of the Chinese. Many African countries are complaining about how the Chinese are exploiting their financial system and using that to leverage their power in these countries.

MP Gachagua, a political leader, says that the Africans need to tame the "Chinese Invasion" or they will perish. He introduced a new amendment to the public procurement and asset disposal bill where he wants Chinese business to be limited in order to save Kenyan businesses.

Many of Kenyans larger enterprises are actually on the brink of shutting down because they have been pushed out by small Chinese businesses opening. The Chinese businesses are popping up everywhere in Kenya and their growth is out of control.

The Chinese have flooded African markets with fishing which over 80,000 native fisherman have been effected and their businesses are about to begin shutting down. The Chinese have flooded the Kenyan market with cheap goods and the native people are unable to compete. The MP points out that many of the Chinese people are there illegally and he has proposed that they dispose of the illegals who do not belong there.

He believes that Kenyans need to restrict foreign contracts to one billion shillings, which averages to about 10 million dollars, to prolong the financial takeover that appears eminent.

Europeans are now panicking because the Chinese are proving the most supreme in African markets and expanding to European nations.

Many Kenyan companies that purport to be controlled and operated by Kenyans are actually ran by foreigners such as the Chinese. They front for the business but it is actually managed by foreigners. A new bill proposes stiff penalties for locals who accept to be used by foreigners who except to register companies on behalf of any foreigner.

You can use this scenario in Kenya to get a scope of what all African economies have been reduced to. This problem is not just prevalent in Kenya alone, but that is one example of what is happening all around Africa.

The Chinese foreigners obtain wealth from the African countries such as Kenya and then repatriate the funds they earn from Africans back to their home country, which is having a vast effect on Kenya and other African countries.