Why Soulmates Exist And Falling In Love Is Predestined

Do soulmates exist? Perhaps the people who meet in this reality have met once before and have come here to reunite with the other half of their soul.


A woman would want to spend the rest of her life with a man as dark as the furthest reaches of space. His teeth would gleam and the whites of his eyes would be like snow. His body a canvas of his ancestry. Preferably a man older and wiser, someone who can teach me a thing or two about his experiences. How he views the world, and what he’s gotten from life. One who would allow me to continue in the things that I’m passionate about.

Doesn’t mind my weirdness nor that I don’t necessarily fit the typical stigma of a black woman. Love my children as his own and if he has children of his own allow me to be a truly nurturing and feminine aspect in their lives.


He has to NEED to build a legacy for our future generations. That conversations about finances and financial planning are absolutely essential. I also require him to have expectations of me, where he can see my engagement and investment in him. He has no problem with reassuring me, or saying thank you!


But these are just some attributes I look for in my custom-made ‘Conscious Man’, but sadly the reality is that the breed of conscious men who respect and admire the gainful and self-confident black women are in far fewer numbers in real life than what we see online. Note for some places across America the numbers may be higher than average, and in some places non-existent. But this is a reality that we as beautiful black women have to acknowledge in our search for a mate.

For women who are in search of their soul mate or spiritual partner the reality that what you’re looking for may just not be an actual reality in your area. Possibly opposed to looking for a man with a strict set of qualities that maybe you should cast your net a bit wider and allow for your innate feminine wilds to entice your male prospects into being curious enough to set the platform to share and build.


The advantage that we women have is our right to “Exercise our Selectivity”. Our capacity to be benevolent dictators through our allowance or exclusivity of men in our company. We have to capacity to define the caliber of the men we have in our presence. This can be used as a means to find a quality mate to build a family with.

Although capacious men by sheer numbers are grim, different means that it’s the end all be all of our future in relationships. We black women have something that our men are slowly turning into a commodity by the mode of ignorance, our Vagina. This was so clearly brought to our attention by the movie ‘Chi-Raq’ for example, the slogan *No PEACE No Piece* was the mantra the women used to deter men from criminal activity. 


But regardless of the relevance, the premise is the same. We are the gatekeepers of the black community. Black men are a rare, curious, layered, fascinating group of men that if given the opportunity can flourish into respecting, a strong, admirable group which have been known to and still can transcend the stigma America has labeled them with. Yet none of this can be done without our help and patience.

I encourage my beautiful Black women to reanalysis their relationship with the black man as he is our opposite, and without our course correction, there will surely be no peace…