Black Women's Obsession With Weave Is Beginning To Fade

Black women are becoming less obssessed with trying to emulate European standards of beauty and are beginning to embrace their own natural beauty.


Black women have become skilled at defending their right to wear weaves. Many Black women complain that there is nothing wrong with changing up their hairstyles and deny that they are wearing long, and in some cases blonde weaves, to "appear more white." But many Black men are finally speaking out against them wearing weaves and it has created controversy over whether or not Black women are justified at wearing weaves and wigs.

Most of these women also wear a lot of natural hairstyles as well, so it's not like they are purposely copying white or other nonblack women and trying to be like them point out some Black women. They claim that they are only interested in trying different looks and being diverse and argue that since they are not hurting anyone it should not be a big deal whether or not they are wearing weaves. But the natural hair movement in the Black community has taken off worldwide since African American women decided that it was time to start embracing their own natural beauty.

Everyone out there actually trying to look like more like black women. Black women have swag and always have more style and have been established as trend-setters. Black women have been trendsetters forever. Some Black men have also expressed the need to tap into their "inner Rick James" and get perms and extensions placed in their head as well. However, these are rare circumstances and it is far too common for Black women to wear weaves and wigs, to the point that some Black women will scream and cry if their weaves or wigs are removed and they are forced to show their hair in it's natural state. Most of the Black women who wear weaves rarely show their hair in it's natural state if ever. This points to a much deeper problem that Black women have about realizing their self-worth and accepting their natural beauty as being beautiful.

Perhaps this could be a reason that the natural hair movement has taken off around the world and today more Black women are wearing their natural hair than ever! They are making a statement and a declaration to the world as well as themselves that they are beautiful and that they accept their natural beauty as a high standard that should be taken seriously.

I think that the main problem with wearing weaves and wigs is that we are almost in a crisis point at this time, however, I think that is slowly changing because the natural hair movement has taken off right now. Many wish that it would take off a lot more quickly but the fact that the natural hair movement has steam now is testimony that Black women are getting fed up with their self-hate and inner need to shine as the beautiful Black queens that they truly are.

Many believe that we are in the age of being awake right now and we are at a time where Black women have begun loving and accepting themselves for who they truly are. It is a very empowering time for black women right now which is why Black women are no longer obssessed over wearing weaves. Black people are more intelligent, more alert, more aware and more awake than they've ever been in history, and a lot of beautiful black women have awakened and our finding the intrinsic value of loving themselves.

They are saying to themselves, "I don't need to get that straight weave put in my hair to look more beautiful. I don't need to get that blonde hair because I'm starting to realize and beginning to understand that my own hair is beautiful. I am valid as a person! There are enough of these products that I could put in my hair to alter it and make myself appear more European." Black women who have awakened from the spell of believing that looking more European makes them appear more beautiful are taking back their pride and their self respect. These beautiful Black women are realizing that they are valid for the beauty that they naturally have. This is why the Black Natural Hair movement is so important to Black women. These empowered sisters have realized that as they begin to value themselves more, so will Black men and so will the rest of the world.

Although weave is worn by Black women all over the world many are waking up and beginning to realize that they have unprecendented value and validation far beyond what any beauty product or accessory could possibly offer to them.


Black women's weave obssession and infatuation is beginning to decline. Today's beautiful Black women are truly beautiful but something else important has happened. Today's Black woman knows that she is beautiful and she is beginning to accept her own dominant and natural beauty more than she ever has. The Natural Black Hair Movement is stronger than ever and today it is becoming less rare to see Black women rock their natural hairstyles.

Say goodbye to weak excuses and need for validation. Today's Black woman realizes that she already has validation and doesn't require validation from other sources. This new Black woman is self aware, confident, smart and sassy. She is edgy and has a lot of style and finese. Black women have realized that when they take good care of their hair the same way their ancestors did that the results are beyond amazing! They can rock edgey and fresh new hairstyles without resorting to weaves, extensions or wigs.

What's more amazing is that Black women have a renewed self-esteem in themselves. This is something that the beauty industry will have no choice but to respect and cater to. The products will change along with the advertisements and the way we see Black beauty presented to us in mass media. The natural hair movement actually hit homebase so hard that now even certain states were forced to revise laws that disallowed Black women to wear their natural hair in the workplace. This form of bullying Black women is disappearing now because Black women are demanding that society changes how they are perceived and that is true power!