Cake Soap.... Skin Bleaching in Jamaica (Full Documentary) Sell

Why do Black people hate ourselves so much? Cake Soap is a term used in Jamaica where Black people use dangerous bleaching to lighten their skin.


Self hate is a serious problem in the Black community. Many have sold themselves and heritage out for the desire of looking lighter and whiter. They refer to the dark versions of themselves as ugly and the lighter versions of themselves as pretty and attractive. Some say it has to do with getting jobs or being more accepted by white people. But this is a lie. It's to cover up a tormented history and being socially awkward in a British controlled society. The Blacks in just about every country, including countries in Africa, are usually at the bottom of the social ladder and the most impoverished. Skin bleaching is a natural evil and those who find lighter more appealing are lost souls. If one hates themselves, then they will never be able to excel in life and reach their full potential. No matter how much money they earn, they will never realize wealth. In short, they are fools and their ideologies are very foolish.

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Skin bleaching is a natural evil and these people need to wake up and learn what dignity is, or they are doomed as a people, constantly chasing behind white wealth and comfort, which is something that they will never find as a people because they are lost.Skin bleaching is a problem in Jamaica, Africa and India mainly. Dark nations that favor lighter hues. It's embarrassing to Black people everywhere who are awake and not caught up in the cultural trend of trying to appease and appeal to white societies. Slavery did more than enslave people physically, but we are still suffering from the mental effects of slavery as a Nubian people who are lost. Travel to beautiful Jamaica to uncover a strange growing trend sweeping the island. Joy Daily takes a deep look into the world of Skin Bleaching in Jamaica.

This highly anticipated documentary is raw and uncut. It was shot over the coarse of one year in Jamaica and it will leave you shocked and amazed when you see the lengths that some Jamaicans are going to in order to achieve a lighter skin tone. Cake Soap