Most Beautiful Black Women Set The Bar High

Black Women spend 2 billion dollar per year on the Nail industry & spent over 7 Billion per year on Weave hair in 2017, now Black women are waking up to the fact that they possess natural beauty.


Most beautiful Black women have always been regarded by civilized societies all over the world as the most beautiful women on the planet. The Greeks thought so much of the Black women’s beauty that they named two-star constellations after Black women, which were Andromeda and Cassiopeia. These are the most beautiful star constellations of the heavens that we have discovered so far. These constellations are said to have all the beauty of the setting sun. The beautiful Black women’s hair is alive and a figure incomparable even today.

The most beautiful Black women in the world tend to be natural sistas who wear their hair naturally and are refined Nubian queens. These beautiful Black women set the bar high and are often leaders within their circles and men talk about them when they use examples of greatness among women. Even the Greeks thought so much of Black women that they named constellations after them.

Beautiful Black Women

Beautiful Black women have features, unlike other women which makes them stand out. Their natural hair is beautiful kinky curly hair that others just can't help but to observe in awe and sometimes they even ask to touch their hair. That's because the hair texture in itself is amazing and the sad part is that most beautiful Black women don't understand the god-given beauty that they are born with. They often choose to wear weaves to fit in and be like everyone else who doesn't have their special hair qualities and uniqueness due to their low-self-esteem issues that extend from slavery.

Most men want what they want based on previous experiences. Perhaps some have had VERY bad experiences with beautiful Black women. It is their right to like whomever they want. There's something good and bad in all women of all races and backgrounds, but beautiful Black women stand out.

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beautiful black woman

There's nothing sweeter or more beautiful than a beautiful dark skin Black woman. Europe is named after a Black Woman.

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Most beautiful Black woman

Hidden secrets: There was once a time when beautiful Black women were adored by Black men! As a people, Black men worshiped beautiful Black women as deity! Black men absolutely loved their mothers, daughters, wives, and sisters. For this love and praise, they worked hard and kept themselves together as a people!
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Most beautiful Black woman
Europe was conquered and settled by African people. These Africans founded many of the countries and named them after Black women because during this time African warriors primarily prayed and worshiped beautiful Black women! Black people play a huge role in Greek mythology which is now European religion. So basically Europeans prayed to Black people but do not know because the characters have been Whitewashed out.
Europe's earliest civilization was filled with African people, now known as Greece. Europe did not exist yet so Greece is actually older than Europe. Europe, known as Asia or Asian Minor, is the area around the Turkey peninsula. The Black cities in Greece were Colchis, Athens and Crete, and many others.
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Europe's name comes right from their mythology/ religion. Basically, anything you want to know about Europeans comes from their mythology/religion. This takes us to the mythology which they have claimed as theirs! Beautiful Black women have always been irresistible to Black men.
beautiful black woman
Europe named after beautiful Black women
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Europe is named after the Black Phoenician Goddess Europa. Europa was the most beautiful Black woman! Greek mythology, for the most part, is a Kemetic belief system transferred to Greek people. This transformation was done by Black Africans traveling to what is now known as Greece, taking their religion and customs with them.
Europa connection to Kemet (ancient Ethiopia and Egypt)
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Europa is commonly associated with a bull. This doesn't make a lot of sense if you are unfamiliar with Kemetic history. Europa was a Phoenician Princess and Goddess, a beautiful Black woman, whom Zeus the Greek God fell in love with because she was so beautiful. So he changed into a bull and carried her off to Crete a Greek Island.
The first Phoenicians were Black people. This can be verified using the Bible or any holy scripture (Abrahamic faiths). Canaan is the son of Ham. Ham is known as the father of the Black African race. Canaan is his son which would make him a Black African. Canaan is the father of the Phoenician people which would make them Black African people also.
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Beautiful Nubian queen
The association of Europa to a Kemetic Goddess who was a beautiful Black woman. Europa is the Greek version of Kemetic Goddess, Hathor, symbolically. This is where the association of the bull comes in. Greeks used horses primarily for travel, unlike Africans who used oxen and cattle to this day in East Africa.
Europa's father is the Phoenician King Agenor of Tyre. King Agenor was born in ancient Egypt (Kemet) to Poseidon and Libya. This would make her the granddaughter of Poseidon!
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So that is the proof of her bloodline, without a reasonable doubt, she was a beautiful Black woman!
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I value beautiful Black women regardless of religion, sexual orientation, social status, body type, skin tone, age, etc. In acknowledging this value, we must also actively engage in acts that uplift and provide support and amplification for Black women. I believe in giving Black women’s lives and Black women’s issues equal significance and exposure to that of Black men by voicing, highlighting, and attending to injustices against beautiful Black women and Black girls.
This calls for rejecting the notion that police brutality, the prison industrial system, school to prison pipeline, and things of the like are exclusive to Black men thereby erasing the effects of structural racism unto beautiful Black women.
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I stand for the sexual, political, social, and overall liberation of all beautiful Black female bodies believing that women should have the agency to control their own bodies through reproductive rights and sex positivity. As such, I condemn all forms of violence against any and all women, including but not limited to: rape and all facets of rape culture, sexual and physical assault, domestic violence, invalidation, erasure, shaming of any sort, harmful slurs, and body objectification.
When I say black is beautiful I'm talking about my love for beautiful Black women!
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All women want to find love, no matter what race they are. They all look for the whole package: successful, provider, attractive and loving, but sadly in the black community, those hard-to-come-by men aren’t checking for the sisters. When we look at successful black men we start to notice the chick on his hip rarely looks like him. Most successful black celebrities, businessmen, CEO, and entrepreneurs don’t seem to have beautiful Black women by their side. Most of their women are exotic looking and Barbie perfect. Why is that?
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Some men may argue that they are tired of the “black woman drama”, tired of the stress that beautiful Black women bring to the table, or even tired of not being able to run their fingers through their woman’s hair. It almost seems as though these successful black men have set a standard that black women just can’t seem to measure up to. Some may refer to these men as sellouts, but everyone has their own preference. For instance, some men may prefer a woman who can disagree without getting loud; a woman who is supportive; well-rounded; or even a woman who goes swimming.
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Does the media portray that beautiful Black women aren’t pretty enough as other races? It almost seems as though there is an unwritten rule that says: When you reach a certain level of success you have to have a fancy car, a fancy lifestyle, and a white woman to be complete? You look at celebrities such as Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Kanye West, and Russell Simmons who are all black, all successful, and all prefer women outside of their race.
Most beautiful Black woman
Now, there are some successful black men who do have a beautiful black woman by their side, such as LeBron James, Denzel Washington, and President Barack Obama, but these men are ostensible to be very few in numbers.

beautiful black woman


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Most beautiful Black woman


Most beautiful Black woman
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These women are so beautiful. OMG! They make me feel proud and good to be a Black woman! You GO sistas!

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