Beautiful Black Women Are Divas From Africa

Beautiful Black women are coming back in trend and hopefully it stays this time. In today’s complex environment of sharing information, Black women are slowly waking up to the fact that they no longer have to hide their natural beauty. 


Beautiful Black women are coming back in trend and hopefully, it stays this time. In today’s complex environment of sharing information, Black women are slowly waking up to the fact that they no longer have to hide their natural beauty. They are learning to embrace their beauty and be proud of the fact that they are not only the first humans on this planet, but they are also the most suitable human beings for planet earth.

Pretty Black women thick and beautiful.

Many men act as if anything that is erroneous in society is the black woman's fault as if they are faultless. Many women act and dress the way they do because men encourage that sort of behavior.
I guess men fit in the class.

Beautiful Black Women

In the modern System that we call civilized society we need to practice how to love and date and be honest most likely, you have to go to school, read books and learn the basics: Not grandpa. Or Grand Ma. way:

Recycle the feelings behind the thoughts projected through words. Not all women want to be called babies. And umm ladies stop with the "hun" I for one find it insulting. I'm not a sweetie or a dear either.

Objectification starts everywhere not just in the mind of men.

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The real question is how do black women stop the sexual objectification of themselves?
Most men of all races treat them the way they have presented themselves.

Women need to respect themselves and in turn demand respect! Feminism is a gateway to acting masculine (through thought process) which leads to being overtly sexualized in dress and behavior.

You wouldn’t believe it but a lot of women are more aggressive than men are.

Beautiful Black woman african diva

More black fathers need to be involved in their daughter's lives. I have my father's last name and his sisters, nephews are on my social media. I know I can't post any nude pictures or ratchet stuff on FB without my father knowing. I subconsciously watch what I post on FB cause my father is in my life.

I hate when I bump into my father at the local Walmart and I got on some short shorts. I'm a grown woman but I feel ashamed for my father to see me in those pants and my booty doesn't even be hanging out. It's just that I wouldn't wear the same pants if I was going to visit my father that day. These chicks who be going live twerking naked, proud to advertise ass on social media, I can tell they most likely don't have their father's in their lives.

Learn to love ourselves 1st then love everyone else 2nd.
I have seen ladies' pages just in this group alone with pictures like that.

Start by not sharing this trash. Next block the trash talkers. They don't need an outlet. I'll bet that 90% of these trash talkers are colonizers.

Remember sistas are strong so I'm thinking if they wanna do it they will, it's on them.

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Black women need to lead by example. They don't speak or respect each other sisters. Why should anyone else?.. Now when it comes to black male-female relationships we don't know how to talk to or respect each other again how or why would anybody else... Black women are so busy being what society wants them to be or thinks they should big booty half-naked twerking welfare recipients with 5 kids and 5 different baby daddies. Yes, there are some but most of my friends are hard-working married single divorced separated women of color. As women, they have to demand respect and carry themselves in a way that deserves respect.

It starts with women. We must demand better and set the standard first. Unless we're talking about being forced into anything. (Sex trafficking rape etc) no one is forcing us to do anything we set the standard.

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It starts from within because all I've ever done in my life is give black men respect and all I got was the back of a hand in lies and distrust I don't give up but I'm just saying let's make a song called the woman in the mirror.

By teaching our sons and daughters what it is to be real men and women. There are boundaries that define what being men and women are. We can't keep teaching our sons it's OK to cheat, treat women like whores. Real men do the opposite.

We have to teach our daughters the boundaries between being a whore and a real woman so that men can't manipulate them. We have to teach them how to identify real men. Starting with real men do what we say. Our actions speak louder than our words. We can't put one before the other we have to teach them to learn from our mistakes weather than mask our mistakes like they're cool.

The story of identification of black women first you call each other b****** then you pushed yourself half-naked then you tell about you all about the grind then you said you wanted man but you're tearing down you compared to other men instead of being open and upfront and honest discuss the qualities you like in a man ask that man his future his dreams its goals at the same time ask yourself how do I see myself as a woman am I get from Heaven the Droid gave to man one man said he was lonely what am I? Sex object?

Yes, sisters, you all are beautiful but someone in your life turns you ugly I look for the true beauty in a woman that gentrification is created by you all promoted by you all, and conceived by you all I still love you anyway.

Change starts from within giving thanks for being one of the greatest gifts the creator has made I was taught the word eve means mother of everything living it means you are a gift from Heaven to the world hold your head up high and act like you are a gift not a burden or sex object what a b**** or whole who's about the grind these are words I hear from your mouth, not for my mouth love yourself first and let that love radiates to your body's your actions your words when you act and walk like a queen a king will recognize that do not let the world tell you who you are you till the world who you are and if they don't understand then so be it that's their loss, not yours just a thought.

Stop blaming even the guilty, for where we are, and start executing a plan to get to where we want to be. In order for the objectification of Black Women to stop, we must stop objectifying Black Women.

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Here is the answer. Own and control your own media platforms. And do your own shows yourself
For as long as strippers make more than teachers... it's bound to get worse because there's an active market based solely on the objectification of women, which is ever increasing in following.

If Black Females knew the true power they POSSES. If they could remember their true place on the planet we call
earth they would know that they are the earth ❤ of the planet? Earth and the earth is? Broken.

Reclaim our true original African consciousness and give back everyone else's consciousness and culture back.

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For many of us (sexual pleasure excitement indulgence compulsion) is a life sentence; I've seen do many collision because of sexual distraction!! The greed, crave, this drive for sex; the original coke pipe, heroine pipe; addict; hooked trapped caught up in this cycle of pleasure ..!! Pleasure is suffering pain and depression torture ).

The more pleasure the more pain suffering sorrow ) why are we so dependent on sexual pleasure excitement !! It's like crack cocaine, it wears off after a time; then u need another ( fix ) or it kills you ) so many people die from having sensual sexual pleasure; first sexual copulation dissipates the male's energy ).

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This means one is more susceptible to disease and poor health !! if you want anything surely it's ( education educate oneself !! u must be the teacher and student in one ) get it ) don't let no dumb a.... people tell what to do ..!! find out for yourself; do your own experiments ) don't let no eat your dinner for you; less u starve ..!!!

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beautiful black woman

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