King Leopold II Heinous And Barbaric Genocide Of The People Of The Congo

The genocidal events which took place under king Leopold II reign are considered one the most heinous acts of murderous savagery known to man.


The genocidal events which took place under king Leopold II reign are considered one the most heinous acts of murderous savagery known to man.

After the conference of Berlin in 1885, European's embarked on a continent-wide land grab. In less than 20 years, African territory would be placed under European colonial rule. One of the main beneficiaries was King Leopold the Second of Belgium. Aware of the vast fortune to be made, he persuaded units of powers to recognize the sovereignty over one of Africa's largest regions, the Congo.

Here was this man, King Leopold II, who became king of Belgium in 1865 at the age of 30, and enormously shrewd and enormously greedy, enormously ambitious and with an absolutely brilliant sense of public relations. He hired the explorer Henry Morton Stanley, the man found Livingston to go to the Congo and essentially stake out this huge territory for him. Leopold got first the United States and then all the major nations of Western Europe to ratify his seizure of this enormous territory in the center of the cotton. King Leopold created the smokescreen claiming he was going to educate people. They were already fooled by about the state to connect is they thought he was a sort of losing what is money in this crazy traffic bench but they didn't rise what he was. After toll, which is to make himself hugely rich by exploiting brown hands and wrote several going to carry the wealth of Africa loaded on ships for his own personal profit, extreme employee to oppose dominion around is the curtains even young children were not in 1890 Janet newspaper reported that 1300 been gathered in one day.

The approximate 19,000 strong to enforce his room when it is right and neither will consider nice they were going to village after village, the Army would seize the women of the village and hold them hostage in order to force the men of each village to go into the forest and gather a monthly quota of wild rubber and they did this for about 20 years and you can just very easily imagine if you have a village where the women were all being held hostage. The men are all in the forest as forced laborers for several weeks out of each month. There is nobody to plant and harvest food to go hunting to go fishing to do all the normal things for which a community feeds itself. So from these causes starvation being worked to death and most of all, from the disease that hit this nation. The best estimates are that between 1880 when King Leopold first got his hands on the Congo and 1920 that in that 40 years. The population was about 20 beginning.

Around so in an enormous loss of human life. Huge building projects throughout Belgium with fund extension spoils his company created to justify Belgium central idea of what eventually go through which hot topics in selecting the sky can't essentially hold representation of the second selection of nation ships that struck the relations between the colonized human being shocked by that because back when you get A way that most of the exhibitions on the humanized blessing represented outside opinions transformed into 19th century onwards human sins exhibit became popular around here.

One of the grounds of Leopold's Museum slip put on display so people could go for much the same way spells notices saying that people not to throw peanuts that were what so monument to bet this country great danger also take public memory off once that happens, of course, one patient away from all of these people was not that great of 1944 control of the Congo, Belgium government cruelty continued the forced labor system did not come to an end because it was so profitable new Belgium Congo continued more or less until the early 1920s.

At that point, the Belgium colonial officials realized that their population was shrinking so rapidly from the effects of the forced labor system that they had to modify. They had to make it less lethal or otherwise, it would have no labor force left 10 million people to die. The company's genocide has not been forgotten.

The barbaric slaughter and mutilation of the innocent people of the Congo were so to strip the country of its natural resources in order to build up Belgium. This shameful event has been kept on the hush by western nations for decades and even Britain was in on the cover-up.