Melanin Is Not Only Skin Deep!

Black (Moorish) peoples' melanin is rated the highest in the human scale, and there are biochemical differences between races


Melanin (carbon) is associated with the pigment that causes the skin to be the colour that it is; brown, black, yellow, white, and red. Melanin exists as the chemical key to life. Meaning, the more melanin someone has, the more civil that person is, the more psychic, the more information the brain can store, the faster the nerve transmission is, and the more sound you can absorb in your ear.  Moreover, the more melanin one has the more you hear the full range (frequency) of sound, and the wider spectrum of light and colour you can absorb in your eyes.

Melanin: A Key To Freedom

The more melanin you have in your taste buds, the more you can taste the full flavor of the food that you eat. Melanin plays a part in your historical memory, which means, the more melanin you have, the more you are connected to your ancestors.  You can pull thoughts you didn’t even know were there because the melanin gives you ancestral memory.

Races of people are classified by the amount of melanin in their pineal gland - this is how melanin is measured. Every living thing has to have melanin.  Black, brown, and white people have melanin, but they have it in a differing scale. For example, white people have less melanin and their melanin is sulfur based, while black peoples’ melanin is selenium based; there are many different types of melanin, and they could not biologically come from the same source.

First, lets look at the human race and the word “Hu, hue”

The root of the word 'Hu, hue,' means colour, and 'man,' means spirit-thinker; spirited thinking. People say everything is the same under the skin. Not true, because biochemically there are differences under the skin:  African (Moorish) people have the most moist earwax than any other race.  Also, the hair is different; Africans have more vitamins and minerals in their bones, which is 'nutrient density' rich.  Therefore, there is a difference and that difference has to be treated differently.

[caption id="attachment_69924" align="alignright" width="380"]carbon, melanin, black african, selenium, sulfur, sound frequency, light spectrum, bio-availability, Black (Moorish) peoples' melanin is rated the highest in the human scale, and there are biochemical differences between races.[/caption]

Races Based upon Melanin Content of Skin

Type 1: Lowest Melanin content (Caucasians)
Type 2 to 3: The yellow mix-brown race (Orientals)
Type 4: Brown and red people (Native Americans, Japanese)
Type 5: Black, brown (Native Indians, Mexicans, Himalayans)
Type 6: Black, the highest melanin content (Africans/Moors)

Percent of Population with Dry Earwax

Northern Chinese 98%
Southern Chinese 88%
Japanese 92%
Micronesian 61%
Germans 18%
American Whites 16%
American Blacks 7%

Carbon determines the quality of life one has, not melanin, since melanin is not a mineral. Wherever there is a high concentration of carbon, the higher quality of life there is.  Natural whole foods will provide increased bio-availability and, are the recommended food source for people with high melanin content.   Processed foods will not nourish you or increase biosynthesis of your melanocytes.  Food for thought!