COLTAN – Before You Upgrade Your Cell Phone – Just Remember Your People Are Being Exploited So You Can Text!

80% of the world’s known Coltan supply is in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which the UN says is subject to “highly organised and systematic exploitation.”


Mining Coltan

Coltan is mined by hand in the Congo by groups of men digging basins in streams by scrapping off the surface mud. They then “slosh” the water around the crater, which causes the Coltan ore to settle to the bottom of the crater where it is retrieved by the miners.  A team can “mine” one kilo of Coltan per day.  The tech boom caused the price of Coltan to rocket to as high as US$600 per kilogram at one point, compared to a previous value of US$65 per kilogram, although it has settled down to around US$100 per kilogram at the moment. A Coltan miner can earn as much as US$200 per month, compared to a typical salary of US$10 per month for the average Congolese worker.

80% of the world’s known Coltan supply is in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which the UN says is subject to “highly organised and systematic exploitation.”


Hard labour: Panning for rare minerals for 12-hours a day, this miner is covered head to foot in the ore-laden mud. It may seem unbelievable, but he is searching for a mineral which will power the most 21st century of items, the smartphone.


Toil: Miners use their bare hands to filter out precious minerals using a sluice similar to those used in a 19th century gold rush.

Coltan financing war

A recent report by the UN has claimed that all the parties involved in the local civil war have been involved in the mining and sale of Coltan. One report suggested that the neighbouring Rwandan army made US$250 million from selling Coltan in less than 18 months, despite there being no Coltan in Rwanda to mine. The military forces of Uganda and Burundi are also implicated in smuggling Coltan out of Congo for resale in Belgium. A report to the United Nations security council has called for a moratorium on purchase and import of resources from the Democratic Republic of Congo, due to the ongoing civil war that has dragged in the surrounding countries.

International trade: A miners cooperative sells the raw materials to merchants who export the minerals to Europe and Asia for use in smartphone manufacturing

Coltan and Gorillas

The main area where Coltan is mined, also contains the Kahuzi Biega National Park, home of the Mountain Gorilla. In Kahuzi Biega National Park the gorilla population has been cut nearly in half, from 258 to 130 as the ground is cleared to make mining easier, which has reduced the available food for the Gorillas. Within the Dem. Rep. of Congo as a whole, the U.N. Environment Program has reported that the number of eastern lowland gorillas in eight Dem. Rep. of Congo national parks has declined by 90% over the past 5 years, and only 3,000 now remain.

Eastern DRC: The Luwow coltan mine is situated in the heart of Africa to the east of the DRC, less than 50km from three rebel bases where armed groups terrorise civilians.


Conflict Minerals

  • Coltan is the most needed mineral in phones
  • Mined in conflict areas
  • Child slave labour
  • Civil war in Eastern Congo
  • 5 million lives in the past 15 years and counting
  • The bloodiest conflict since WWll
  • Armed groups financing their warfare




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[caption id="attachment_79146" align="alignnone" width="600"]Coltan And Cassiterite AI mission delegates being shown coltan and cassiterite, Tchonka, Shabunda territory, South Kivu province, eastern DRC, April 2009.
Coltan and cassiterite are hardly distinguishable to the naked eye; Coltan, which is more valuable, is magnetic.
Coltan is an abbreviation used in parts of Africa for 'columbo-tantalite'. Tantalite is a mineral containing Tantalum and columbite contains columbium, now called niobium. Tantalum is used primarily for the production of capacitors for use in devices such as mobile phones, DVD players, and computers.
Cassiterite mineral containing tin oxide.[/caption]

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[caption id="attachment_79159" align="alignnone" width="700"]90078982.jpg Miners working in an artisanal coltan open-pit mine, Muhanga coltan mines, Rwanda, Africa, March 2009[/caption]

404273299.jpg 664931095 295x166.jpg 684931320 295x166.jpg 758963043.jpg 1455896992 924219 1456267055 Noticia Normal.jpg 1486760542maxresdefault.jpg 2008111220cobalt20t.jpg 3757652879 E19c406bc8 B.jpg

[caption id="attachment_79168" align="alignnone" width="1024"]13406579753 9b72465784 B.jpg Luwowo Coltan mine near Rubaya, North Kivu the 18th of March 2014. © MONUSCO/Sylvain Liechti
Luwowo is one of several validated mining site that respect CIRGL-RDC norms and guaranties conflict free minerals.[/caption]

13560697685 Fb993fc416 B.jpg 13560830173 65de7bef63 B.jpg A6928ae2f7cbacbdbf6322086441be6b Congo.jpg A1428012664 10.jpg Afantime The Breed Of Coltan Grande African20coltan.jpg Africa Resource Wars Conflict Minerals War Poverty Drc Congo Oil Gold Coltan Mining Rebels Sierra Leone Angola Nigeria Biafra 722x487.jpg Alluival Coltan Process Plant 822x1024.jpg Alluvial Coltan Processing Plant Designed For Africa Coltan Mining Project.jpg Analysing Geological Samples With Wdxrf.jpg Apartment 1285 M2 Chennai 109416839806836014.jpg B1158671223.jpg Backscatter Electron Images Cameca Sx 100 Electron Microprobe Of Coltan Concentrates Q320.jpg Bdi Burundi Coltan Rwanda 2017 Ikiriho 768x1024.jpg Bego Area Of Interest Node Full Image 2.jpg Benefication Coltan Mining Machine For Coltan Ore Processing.jpg Blackgold Ilustration Finely Ground Coltan 260nw 468238691.jpg Blood Coltan 2008 .jpg Bloodcoltan.jpg Blood Coltan 300x241.jpg Blood Coltan Corpses 456x256.jpg Blood Coltan Documentary 1.jpg Brent Stirton Dead Mountain Gorilla.jpg

[caption id="attachment_79192" align="alignnone" width="621"]C2 621x320.jpg A digger is coming out of a well from the mines of N'zibera. They often go between 15 and 20 meters deep. At the bottom it's very hard to breath properly. The conditions in which those people work are extremely hard just to find a little bit of casterite (and coltan).
© Jan-Joseph Stok[/caption][caption id="attachment_79193" align="alignnone" width="530"]Coltan Ore Mining, Aerial View Coltan ore mining. Aerial photograph of mining pits where coltan ore is being extracted. This ore, also known as columbite-tantalite, is a source of the elements niobium and tantalum. Both elements are used widely in electronic equipment. Photographed in Butembo, Democratic Republic of the Congo.[/caption]

Catalog Eng V3.jpg Cell Phone Minerals Coltan.jpg Chnfd15wyaazsne.jpg Civil War Coltan Mining Africa.jpg Coltan.1 Coltan.gpopm.n.v.m.jpg Coltan Coltan.jpg.3364fac8148450597806b14d7bbba60e.jpg Coltan.jpg Coltan .jpg Gjkxgkap.jpg Coltan Coltan 1.jpg Coltan 1 17 Aprilie 2010.jpg Coltan 2 17 Aprilie 2010.jpg Coltan 900 720 90.jpg Coltan Congo Boy In The Mine.jpg Coltan Diagram 1 550x156.jpg Coltan El Pais.jpg Coltan Goma 2.jpg Coltan In Thecongo1.jpeg.size.xxlarge.letterbox.jpeg Coltan Infografia1504888497.jpg Coltan Mininfo Verde1.jpg Coltan Prod Sml.jpg Coltan Tantalum 1.jpg Coltan Tantalum Ore Confiscated By Wardens Kahuzi Biega Natpark Drc Ian Redmond Small 300x200.jpg Coltan0.jpg Coltan 0 1.jpg Coltan001.jpg Coltan01 20061029135.jpg Coltan1.jpg

[caption id="attachment_79224" align="alignnone" width="448"]Digital Camera ˆ[/caption]

Coltan 1 2.jpg Coltan 1 638.jpg Coltan2.jpg Coltan 2 638.jpg Coltan2b8.jpg Coltan 2fcoltan Ore 500x500.jpg Coltan3.jpg

[caption id="attachment_79232" align="alignnone" width="300"]Congolese Miners Dig At A Gold Mine In Montgbawalu Congolese miners dig at a gold mine in Montgbawalu, Ituri district, eastern Congo, September 8, 2005. The Democratic Republic of Congo's government will renegotiate the existing gold exploration venture it has with AngloGold Ashanti, the world's number two gold producer, the head of Congo's state mining agency OKIMO said on Thursday. Picture taken September 8, 2005. REUTERS/Jiro Ose[/caption]

Coltan 3 1200x800.jpg Coltan4.jpg Coltan 4 728.jpg Coltan5.jpg Coltan 5.jpg Coltan 5 638.jpg Coltan6.jpg Coltan 6 728.jpg Coltan6 1011516.jpg Coltan7.jpg Coltan 7 728.jpg Coltan8.jpg Coltan10.jpg Coltan 10.jpg Coltan11.jpg Coltan 11.jpg Coltan12.jpg Coltan 12.jpg Coltan 13.jpg Coltan20mining.jpg Coltan20ore.jpg Coltan100.jpg Coltan 670x381.jpg Coltan 721974.jpg Coltan Abbau Kongo.jpg Coltan Alberto Vazquez Figueroa.jpg Coltanarea.jpg Coltan Columbite Supplied By Oslo Investments.jpg Coltan Columbite Tantalite.jpg Coltan Columbium And Tantal Cnk00t.jpg Coltan Concentration Machine Shaking Table Concentrator For Uganda Coltan Mining.jpg Coltan Congo.jpg Coltan Crop Coltan E1493821968552.jpg Coltan En Celulares1.jpg

[caption id="attachment_79268" align="alignnone" width="1200"]Coltan Esclavitud Para La Fabricacion De Moviles 2.jpg AUTOR: IVAN BENITEZ

Coltan Esclavitud Para La Fabricacion De Moviles 3.jpg Coltan Inline3.jpg Coltanjosantonius.jpg Coltan Large.jpg Coltan Map Coltan Mine.jpg Coltan Minerais Du Sang Des Enfants Congolais Cran.jpg Coltan Mineral.jpg Coltan Mineral Coltan Miners.jpg Coltanmining Responsiblesourcingnetwork Ccby Nc20 Coltan Ore.jpg Coltan Ore.png 350x350.png Coltan Ore 252f Tantalite Tantalum Ore252fcolumbite Tantalite Ore.jpg Coltan Ore 993973.jpg Coltan Ore Columbite Tantalite Lowest Price.jpg Coltan Rubaya 1440x808.jpg Coltan Tantalite.jpg Coltan Tantalite 52 57 Purity 1242058.jpg Coltan Tantalite Ore 500x500.jpg Coltantantalumseparation Responsiblesourcingnetwork Ccby Nc20 Coltan Tungsten Tin Rst Map 2017 01.jpg Coltan Workers 02.jpg Coltoncongo 696x385.jpg Columbite 75441 800x423.jpg Complete Plant Coltan Mining Machine For Africa Tanzania Small Scale Coltan Ore Processing.jpg Conflict Minerals 961w.jpg Conflict 1k.jpg Conflict Mineral In Congo Julien Harneis 2.jpg Congo Conflict Refugeecamp.jpg Congo2.jpg

[caption id="attachment_79300" align="alignnone" width="400"]Zairean Rebels March During A Rally In Uvira 0 CYA01:ZAIREAN REBELS:UVIRA,ZAIRE,14FEB97 - Newly graduated rebels with the Democratic Alliance for the Liberation of Congo Zaire participate in military exercises February 12 after a political rally. The rebels took the strategic town of Isiro February 12 and claimed that the Zairean army is using Napalm bombs around the town of Lubutu. cd/Photo by Corinne Dufka REUTERS[/caption]

Congo Children Coltan Mine In Mountains By Mvemba Phezo Dizolele.jpg Cover 282793042013 R.jpg Cropped 3019307 Poster 1280 Conflict.jpg Csm Agencianoticias 20151119 01 13 65d6367d6e.jpg Csm Agencianoticias 20151119 03 13 0c2c5c2170.jpg D1f4b6 51cd1a7a2af9094df8f1d59727f1ac20.jpg Das Coltan Dfb020f37515f138e858351ac2bfd7be.jpg Dflpy9ex4ae2i2y.jpg Diapositiva8.jpg Don Jose.jpg Drc 0.jpg Drc Map.jpg Drc Coltan.jpg Drc Congo North Kivu M23 Surrender Coltan Mines Violence 722x481.jpg Drc Map 1.jpg Dr Congo Cobalt.jpg Dsc02552.jpg E86dd68b673317b5118dcf0fec272ce1.jpg El Pais Que Lava El Coltan De Sangre Para Las Multinacionales.jpg Ent Act Coltan.jpg Erosion Extraccion Coltan.jpg F3b368e0a1a6e3dfb8c5a219766eb4e5 Congo Smartphone.jpg F4598764fb8c1cc795bf3533a3e12bec.jpg F6732286e1f69bc821bd1c107c044fa1d45868da.jpg Ferrocolumbite Manganotantalite Rh3 36a.jpg Ferrocolumbite Manganotantalite Rh3 36b.jpg File.jpg Flashlight.jpg Four Dead Gorillas Drcongo July2007.jpg Full B8136f5536ed473fa71cd2648f91b3a6.jpg Full Set Coltan Mining Plant With Processing Flow Sheet For Coltan Mine Separating.jpg Gif 390x252.jpg Gold Dore Nugget.jpg Gorilla4.jpg Guard.jpg High Grade Coltan.jpg High Quality Coltan For Sale With Low.jpg High Quality Tantalum Ore Coltan.jpg 350x350.jpg How Does Coltan Impact On Wildlife 1 638.jpg How Does Coltan Impact On Wildlife 5 638.jpg