Why Black People Look Bad Online And Not White People???

White people control all media, including the internet. Why don't we have a black version of Google, Twitter and Facebook? Black people spend more time on white owned networks than white people do. But why?


White people control all media, including the internet. Why don't we have a black version of Google, Twitter and Facebook? Black people spend more time on white owned networks than white people do. But why? Does it make sense? Facebook has at least 900 million people on their website and at least half of them are non white. Even once we get our chance to support Black owned networks, Black people fall short. The logic is weird to me. I think it has something to do with a slave syndrome. I'm not saying we can't or shouldn't use these major networks, but Black people need to start supporting our own networks. What sense does it make to support white owned networks we complain about all the time because we feel we are being targeted? It's ridiculous and Black people need to be ashamed of our behavior.

There have been plenty of viral videos of white people that project negative images of white people and before I can share the content, I notice that the content has been taken down. I don't fault Facebook at all for this behavior because it certainly makes sense for them to do this. However, on the other hand, I see them allow pictures of Black people to trend who need to be locked up in jail for some of the things that they post. These videos only continue to go more viral, boosted by Facebook's algorithm.

Also, I hear Black people complain of "agents" when they make certain types of posts. Mind you, in Black conscious groups. How are you conscious if you support the same supremacist regimes you spend most of your time online criticizing. The logic is certainly flawed. So why are Black people so afraid to leave white controlled networks? I can't blame white supremacy for this. I can't blame racism or that white people are unreasonable. That's because Black people make the decision to stay on these networks. Maybe they just like to complain. But it's by choice. Facebook isn't telling them they have to stay. Some posts I have seen where Black people said they would pass up a million dollar home to stay on Facebook. Really?

The end game is simple but Black people make it complex. You have a choice. We all have a choice. And since we have a chance to be on and support a Black owned network, an actually "genuine" Black social network, designed to look out for the image and well being of Black people, we can't afford to stay on these white owned networks. Not any longer. While they kill us, cajole us, monitor and spy on us, and treat us like the bugs we choose to be. It makes about as much sense as me going to someone's property and then complaining that they didn't think about me when they built the property. Shouldn't their reply be, "Why should I?"

Let's stop complaining about people treating us wrong when that is exactly what we empower them to do. Nubian Planet is currently working on software that will allow my brothers and sisters to make money and increase their wealth. We are going to cross out white people in this process and make sure that we are the ones who benefit and monetize ourselves, because no one else owes us anything! It's time we start looking out for ourselves and stop expecting "mastah" to do everything for us. A slave has to be a slave mentally first.

Our image should be important enough to make sure that we aren't the ones who are actually damaging our own image. We need to do a better job of controlling our content and controlling the image of Black people online. We need to stop yelling WorldStarHipHop.com when they are the racist website on the internet. We need to support positive ventures online. We need to handle our race and communities, pretty much the same way we have supported white people in the past. You don't have to be all the way awake to think intelligently and make intelligent decisions my brothers and sisters. You have the power. We have the power. And instead of willingly looking bad for racist America, we need to improve ourselves and improve upon our Black experience so that it means something. We are the chosen people. The planet will not be right until Black people are. Right now our actions and way of thinking is holding back the Black community and its time to say no more!

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