Why I Tend To Ignore Posts About Facebook Not Being Fair Or Racist

"Your revolution will either be an intellectual revolution or it will never begin."


"Facebook double standards......and I see it all the time. Interesting what happened to this poster. Look at the list of things you CAN say.....

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Mir Coleman

Good news, Friends!
Facebook hath graciously reinstated my posting rights! They were briefly revoked yesterday when I violated their Community Standards by *not being racist enough.* Father Facebook has warned me if I continue this path of unrighteous non-racism, he will punish me again by completely removing my account. For anyone interested in keeping on the path to righteousness, here is a photo of what you can't say on Facebook, lest ye be punished.

And here is an incomplete list of things you are permitted to say on Facebook, for they do not violate the sacred Community Standards (via comments made to Colin Kaepernick):

- "Go back to Africa N*GG**!"

- "You are a piece of shit."

- "I'll fucking kill you n*gg**"


- "Youre job is to play football!!!! Do your fucking job youre rich douche bag!!!!"

- "As a life long Niner fan, I am for the first time ashamed to be one as your piece of shit ass can't stand and give the simple respect to the greatest nation on this planet. You sir, are the biggest fuck up to exit someone's scrodem via there dick"

- etc."

This is why I tend to ignore most posts about Facebook being racist or not fair. Because you are there on their private owned network of your own free will. It's your choice. Sort of like me saying I don't want to get shot, but I choose to stand in front of a line of fire and complain while they shoot me. I know right! Not the most logical thing I could be doing.

"Your revolution will either be an intellectual revolution or it will never begin."