Girl Plays Keyboard Backwards While Singing Adele "Hello" In Spanish

Now this awesome Nubian queen has talent... She effortlessly plays the keyboard upside down while blind folded and singing in Spanish. That doesn't even sound real. The real kicker is that she actually plays very well and has an awesome voice. I think it's quite possible that w


Amazing Girl Sings Adele in Spanish and Plays Piano BACKWARDS!

 In 1.5 mins she figured out how to add the accent notes and double up on her triads... while playing backwards... while singing in Spanish... then English... while blindfolded. That's kinda brilliant!

Wow, that was grrreeeeaaaattttt!!! Young lady, you are amazing. GOD has given you a great blessing. You are blessed to be a blessing to the world. Can't wait to see you on TV as a recording artist or whatever you want to do with your gift. Love that song!

Sorry dad but I don't think u can pay for a performance like that !!! Amazing singer, pianist not to mention singing it in Spanish come on dad that was cheap but I guess that's y u paid for her education she could neva repay u awesome job bby girl!!

That was simply awesome and inspiring! She has a BEAUTIFUL, SOOTHING VOICE! Please keep up the awesome work, she has an extraordinary voice and dad, pay all the negative comments no mind!

Beautiful voice so much talent in this girl, loved your Spanish dear. Dad give this girl more money, bilingual skill get extra.